Stop Doing The Things That Make You Look Successful... - Mandy Perry


How much time do you spend letting the real you come out?
How often do you speak what you really think and feel?
How often do you take the time to reach down into the well of your own wisdom to teach?

Do you even know how brilliant you actually are? Or are you too busy trying to be like someone else?

Or maybe you aren’t doing something that IS YOU because you don’t want to seem like you are copying someone?

Fancy website, fancy tech gear, fancy words, perfect hair day only –
Fancy bank – with shit for money in it.
Fancy title with NO LEGACY.

Yes – you might be doing better than everyone around you.. but YOU know that you’re living at 60%..

and a big part of that is because you are looking at other people too damn much – rather than just doing YOU.

Stop trying to make your FB live like Marie Forleo
Stop trying to make your course like Gabby Bernstein
Stop trying to give shit away like the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

You don’t need coupons, gadgets, fancy photos, logos, automation, lists..

You don’t need to look better, sound better, lose weight, be smarter, be louder, be quieter..

You don’t need expensive gadgets or staff you don’t even know how to define their role yet…

You just need to know your damn worth, and do the brave things you already know to do that you have been avoiding.
But you already knew this 

I’m just confirmation.
Exhale, relax siser.

You got this . You always get to change your mind cuz YOU DA BOSS.

Time to come back to you.

Charge your worth
Learn the epic lessons
Do the POWER moves in your business
Ditch the rest
Get with your mentor and tribe STAY WITH THEM WHEN YOU FIND THEM

and enjoy the ride.

There are no rules, there is no ne to impress… 90 year old you won’t give a shit about anything but the legacy you leave and if you were truly happy.

Did you live? Did you LOVE? Did you leave your legacy?

#cuttheshit #legacy



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Love you
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