True, Lasting Motivation - Mandy Perry


I know you want to accomplish your dreams.
I know it has felt hard and sometimes impossible.

I know what is holding you back –
I know you have made promises to yourself over and over..

But when it comes time to make it happen.. you feel paralyzed.

You don’t feel like you have what it takes to go out and DO IT.

And, rather than feel that tension…
Rather than enter INTO the GRUELING process of growing and learning, healing and expanding…

Rather than facing your broken promised, your bad habits, your inadequacies…

You tell a story of not knowing HOW.
Being confused.

If only my husband xxx
If only my wife yyy

But you don’t understand Mandy…..

Oh but I do.
I do.

You are not controlled by these circumstances.
You are controlled by your DECISIONS which are controlled by your habitual thinking.

You DECIDE to face possible failure.
You DECIDE to back yourself.

You will go as far as you are willing to go deep.

Your capacity for joy is as deep as your capacity for pain.

And even now.. right now… You DECIDE what you are going to do with this new awareness, this remembrance.

If you are willing to do the work, to enter this space… if you are willing to face what it takes to go all the way..

You will become the leader in your industry.
You will become all that it took to CREATE YOUR DREAMS.

You will be permission for everyone around you to do the same 



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