You Get to Decide What You're Available For... - Mandy Perry

Woke up with this urge to sage my home and blast music.

I wandered around with prayers spilling out.

And felt the urge to remind y’all of something very powerful.

You get to decide what you are available for and what you are not available for- the rules are just fears wrapped up in generational bows. They’re not real.

What makes you, you – is what you decide is true and good and real – based on your soul calling.

HOWEVER – you get to do this for your loved ones too.

Your kids, husband, family, clients – you get to decide what you’re available for and not available for – for them as well.

I’m simply unavailable for my kids to not find joy, for my husband to not be fulfilled in his calling, for my parents to be unattended to, and for my clients not to get results.


This is what I saged for today – cleared out everything that didn’t fall into what I am available for.

I don’t understand and it all – just like I don’t really truly understand why it’s so easy to make $ –

or why all the dogma and suppressive guilt-teaching I was taught were easily seen as fear tactics passed down –

Or why I am able to not care what people think knowing their judgement really has nothing what so ever to do with me –

I just do.
And my life and results back these.
They’re true. I know this to my core.

I know like I know the ONLY thing keeping you stuck in this cycle is your habit of focusing on the what if and not trusting your instincts –

You really can do big, amazing things – and not only that – you CAN enjoy the process and not be freaking out the whole time.

I recently made a big decision- HUGE – yet- I watched myself resist it and drizzle out for a month.

The very second I took that step in faith, the exhale came and all started to go right again.

Sage? Yup
Oils? Yup
Crystals? Yup
Jesus? Yup
Buddha? Yup
Tons of $? Yup
Time freedom? Yup
Travel the world? Yup
Speaking my truth? Yup
Teaching my children to have the same? Yup
Beautiful home and beautiful things? Yup

And… brave ass, bold steps backing my gut?
For damn sure.

Every time I think I know better and control it I feel the mess that comes right on the heels of it.

Maybe you’ve never had a break and you think that is just normal life…. sort of like when I was 25 and I didn’t know the stomach aches were from mushrooms – I attributed everything to the alcohol we drank every night .

You don’t yet know the easy and profound freedom found in faith – trusting yourself – blindly following your dreams.

You don’t yet know the power of your own instincts and soul prompts to revolutionize your life and the lives of everyone you touch.

You don’t yet know what can be when you allow room for God to do his work.

You only know control and what you can carry on your own back.

This is the work.
And without you learning how to look up and away from your own circumstances and be available for something more – without learning to heal enough – and be brave enough to step into your purpose – you’ll never know what you could have been.

Hard words to hear – because they are true.

It’s never too late.
Yes, you will show up and back yourself –
You WILL make it, because you decide you will, and stay in it UNTIL you do.

So what if you fail – we all do – what if you are wildly, epically successful and change the world?

What if you are happy beyond measure?
What if it never really needed to be so damn hard?

#thisiswhoimmeanttobe #worthy





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