I was reminded by a friend just how far we have come in the last 10 years.

It’s easy to forget because the better it get’s it just becomes the new normal.

I was reminded of what the people around me were like where we lived and what we were like, and what the conditions were like.

He owns a huge global company now worth tens of millions.. and I was so taken aback, realizing everything that was against him and how he just fkg did it.

and then … I realized that I was right there with him on this path. We did it.

And I started thinking (as my brain does) of a MOMENT… a description of this journey… and LETTING IT CRASH is what came to me.

Let the old shit crash and burn.
It doesn’t always have to be controlled and positive.

Sometimes the only way to move on is to let the old shit burn.

You can’t predict comfortably what it’s going to look like when you outgrow the old BS that $ is bad – who will you be when you are a multi millionaire? YOU’LL KNOW WHEN YOU ARE A MULTI MILLIONAIRE…

You will also choose who you want to be and adjust and shift 10000 times along the way continuing to be in integrity at each new level.

YOU WILL BE MORE YOU – but if you need to know WHO you are when you are her NOW, you’ll never be her.

You can’t predict what it will feel like and who you will be when you get out of the relationship that isn’t CONTRIBUTING to you being someone who changes the world… UNTIL you’re out of it and stumbling your way though it.

IF YOU need to know NOW who you will be when you are single, happy, and rich… YOU WILL NEVER BE THERE.

You CHOOSE who you will be every step along the way… you don’t need to be so careful. You don’t need to know NOW.

You can design a life you absolutely LOVE without feeling like you need to be SO DAMN CAREFUL.

FKG RUN TOWARDS what you DO want… call in what you DO want… get crystal clear what you DO want… and let the shit that was never meant to be ON you CRASH AND BURN.

Let the BS, the DRAMA, the fear, the needing to know, the caution, stories, guilt, smallness… blow up behind you as you soar.

Let the caution that you will be someone you don’t like CRASH AND BURN

Let the BS judgement from others NOT LIVING LIFE ON FIRE fall in a wake of dust behind you.

Let the RULES burn
Let the control burn
Let the LIMITS burn

Run so damn fast towards everything you know you are meant to be have and do that the rest of it all crash and burns and you can never go back to it.

Fk the calculations and caution.
Just be FREE now.
Have it all NOW
Choose you… so you can change the world.
So it will be.

love you
mandy xx



Listen to me for a quick minute….
It is….. EASY….. to get clients and most of you are complicating the SH** out of it.

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When you are done with CLIENT FLOW it will seem SILLY that it was ever “hard” to get clients.