“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”... - Mandy Perry

“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”…

While I find this Marianne Williamson quote to be magnificent and brilliant…. I don’t believe it is as accurate a reflection of what I feel and see day in and day out with the thousands of coaches I work with… (in clear terms)

What seems more accurate is- they know damn well how powerful they are and they LOVEEEEEE it- it is purpose passion and oxygen to be in flow and in their power…

What terrifies them is the sea of people NOT in their power and all of their judgement, criticisms, dogma and temper tantrums…

Dealing with that is scary…
This is where all the mischief is.

Breathe that in for a second.
You know you’re amazing.
You know you’re capable of changing the world if you were to just show up as the you you envision yourself to be consistently.

You also know- that dealing with others who lash out when you shine is a LEARNABLE SKILL.

What if you don’t have to actually figure out all your shit and all you had to do was learn the skill of dealing w people and feel confident that you’re savvy at this?

Happy Monday morning ❤️?

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