Dear GOD, I accept. - Mandy Perry

Dear GOD,
I accept.
I surrender to this and I accept the circumstances.

It’s hard… I’d like to smash every glass in my home – go get drunk and wild and be angry…

but I accept.

I know this is for ME. It feels so unfair, it feels like it’s against me… but I accept because I know you have my back.

It feels bad and familiar and scary…
but I surrender and trust the process.

I asked to grow.
I asked for more freedom.
I asked for success
I asked to be a woman of epic integrity
I asked for epic love

and so you are giving it to me…
and it’s REALLYYYYYY hard to swallow the process – but.. I accept.

I 100% fully wholly accept and trust the process.

So when I am acting like I never asked for these things.. or when I act entitled like I shouldn’t need the arena to grow in first..

Please remind me gently that you are ALWAYS on time.

 Mandy x