It is about YOU.
Your success, YOUR freedom, your happiness, your wealth, your sexiness.
and that’s amazing… but that **WON’T BE** the most amazing thing that happens…..

I see people come out of trauma and abuse and finally feeling worthy. Finally feeling LOVE.

I see generations changing and healing changing thousands of lives.

I see the ones behind me getting lit the fk up and the fire beginning to roar.

I see the ones ahead of me being honored from our success… allowing deeper sense of purpose to be established.

I see pathways being paved for those who choose to opt in to this journey by blood sweat and tears of the LEADERS.

You get to have everything you want because IT CONTRIBUTES to the world where we all get to do the same.

They didn’t see you:

When you got your ass up out of bed when you were tired.

When you gave love and gave energy to someone when you needed it yourself badly.

When you were terrified you would fail.. but leapt anyways.

When they said things about you that hurt.. and you chose defenselessness and kept fkg going.

When you told the truth and swallowed your ego, choosing to grow.

They don’t know the things that were done to you.
No one will ever know all you have been through and still show up today growing into the next level you.. again and again and again.

They will never know how tough you had to be… and how much you had to choose to release and forgive.

They may never know how fkg amazing you are, how powerful you are, and how much you have done to change the world…

And they also might not get why it’s ok for you to CHOOSE YOU and be in a state of overflow so you can be someone who heals the world.

They might be scared for you, think it’s reckless, think it’s selfish… but they don’t have your SWEAT EQUITY.

They don’t have your vision, your wisdom for what is really happening.. and we are ok with that.

We are just ok with this.
We couldn’t stop even if we wanted to.

We understand the process is more important than the results.

We understand that this is just tension that creates the PERSON IT TAKES TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

We understand that by allowing the tension and being in the process turns us into a person of greatness.

We understand that to change the world – we need to become people doing it differently than the rest of the world.

We understand it is our SACRED DUTY to BECOME – to EVOLVE.

No one else never needs to understand or know.
No one else on the planet needs to agree.
You know.
God knows.

And you know the truth about the call you feel inside.. and how you are holding back.

Being a happy, thriving, wealthy, empowered, free, feeling good person IS AN ACT OF SERVICE. IT IS AN ACT OF LOVE.

Love you
Mandy x

PS: Ready to EVOLVE?

Up until now – how you think and show up isn’t getting you the results you long for.

That’s what it is.
It’s not magically going to be different tomorrow.

The journey is to step into the ARENA OF GROWTH – the space of tension that everyone avoids and learn to HANDLE IT like a savvy BOSS.

You want to learn how to make a $30 million dollar decision with ease?

It’s going to require evolving into someone who has that level of fortitude.

It’s going to require a new way of thinking.

It’s going to require a new level of determination, clarity and support.

When you feel the pain and tension of failing, stretching, going all in, frustration, fear, anger….

and you choose to feel it and let it go…

Every fkg time you will get stronger.

When you avoid going into the arena and feeling the feels…. you weaken. You don’t stay the same… you weaken.

It’s only in the UNKNOWN that you’re going to be able to find yourself.

It’s only in the unknown where you will accomplish shit people think is impossible.

Your mental fortitude, bravery, skills, & abilities are not going to grow unless you allow yourself to go into the space of resistance.

This is what we are doing together in EVOLVE.
4 weeks of learning to:

Feel the emotions
Release the resistance
and let it all strengthen you.

This is a journey of FREEDOM.
Of shaking off the entitlement, fear, and rules from that are limiting you from your growth.

This is a choice to ENTER INTO THE ARENA where we tell the fkg truth to ourselves and let ourselves STRENGTHEN and evolve to the person it takes to create our dream life.

THis is a decision to OPT INTO the life of freedom.. without ENTITLEMENT.

If we took all the money in the world, and distributed it evenly to all people… within ONE MONTH the wealthy would all be wealthy again, and the poor would be poor again.

This is because its WHO THEY are that creates success, impact, wealth, joy freedom and FUN.

It’s not a circumstance… and UNTIL you decide to enter the arena and do the work to grow 0 you will not BECOME HER.

You will simply weaken over time.

This group is for:

– The ones who are surrounded by people that drain them, make them feel like they cant do it…

– Know what they need to do but can’t get themselves to do it.

– Feel guilty for wanting things – maybe haven’t truly been honest about what they do want… it feels too big, too much… too afraid of becoming a bad or self-absorbed person… leaving others behind.

– Scared to check in fully with themselves about the things they are unhappy about… afraid it will blow up their life.

– Know they have a power inside.. a fire that they haven’t fully tapped into.

– Are ready to SHOW THE FK UP – and go through the process of EVOLVING into the person it takes to create their dreams.

– Are willing to support life long friends in the tribe doing the same hard EPIC rewarding work.

We begin Jan 2

I will be covering things that I have learned from the greatest minds in our field… and the very things that have shifted me from a life of surviving to RIDICULOUS FREEDOM JOY AND FUN – and on track for 7 figures in year 3.

You ready?