One of two questions I am asked…. so let’s have this conversation sister…

When you are a powerful woman… you will outgrow people.
I know you’re scared of this… I know it can feel selfish and bad.

I know it’s hard to even face or think about. I know it’s confusing. I know because I’ve gone from a depressed broke woman feeling trapped to a powerful HAPPY woman with all the freedom life can offer.

I know what it feels like to grow from an overwhelmed welfare single mother to a worldwide entrepreneur on the top of my field.

I know what it feels like to be triggered by a statement like that… what it feels like to judge women who are powerful.

I also know… you only judge them because you resonate with them and it’s easier to make them wrong than it is to SHOW UP.

So yes.. let’s talk about the elephant in the room… ❤️?
YOU WILL outgrow beliefs.
YOU WILL outgrow people.

And … it wont matter because when the time comes it will be so FKG obvious and EASY that you will not question it.

And you are ready when you are ready…
Worrying about if you will outgrow people is the same as worrying about who you will be when you hit 7 figures or 8 figures.

You will be MORE of who you are.
You will shift and change as you grow into this woman.

You cannot become all you are meant to be if you are not allowed to outgrow beliefs or people.

I KNOWWWWW… this isn’t popular, but it’s the truth.

If you live in faith you take the one step in front of you not worrying about how the future will turn out.

If you live out of fear you are trying to know the future and not taking the action in front of you now.

It’s not noble… it’s just fear.
It doesn’t make you a good person it makes you a liar (to yourself)
It doesn’t make you selfless… it makes you checked out.

ANDDD I love you enough to say it to you 
We know the truth when we hear it.

Love you
Mandy x

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This is a journey of FREEDOM.
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