When you wake up and feel like – LIFE JUST DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS…

How often is that happening?

The warm chill that goes down through your body from your grin to your toes?

The content, soul-spent feeling in your comfy sheets as your head hits the pillow?

The excited flutter in your belly when your eyes open, giddy and excited for another epic day.

The shakes you get when you are making power moves – doing bad-ass new things that are making you GROW energetically and you KNOW it – you KNOW the feeling of expansion… (it’s a love hate relationship if we are honest lol)

The deep knowing of being SO safe. The KNOWING that you are on purpose and truly changing the world.

The peace of mind knowing you will fk things up and it will never matter… it’s all part of the journey.

The excitement of wondering what message will come up to share next with the world… what next AMAZING client will you get to meet and get to know NEXT?

Honestly, the only pain I feel is the pain of watching SOOO MANY others deny their joy ?

Watching so many people accept so much less than what is available for them. It’s maddening. It’s painful.

So many stories, rules, pressures, expectations and beliefs that keep you trapped in a world where when your body says:
>> this makes me sad
>> this makes me angry
>> this scares me
>> this makes me anxious
>> this is boring AF
>> this feels off
>> I don’t want to do that
>> I want more of this
>> I need more of that
>> If only it were like this
>> If I could only have that

Because the brain that holds all the trauma and BS you have been taught wins over your soul? Over your body?

What do you think life might be like if there were no rules and you chose things based on what FELT right – good – expansive???

What do you think it would feel like if when things felt bad – we acknowledged and trusted that they were…

.. when things felt right – we acknowledged and trusted that they were..?

But Mandy, I can’t.
What would people think?
What if I am wrong?
What if I turn into a selfish, self absorbed person?
I will hurt their feelings and I am a bad person if I hurt their feelings. (How’s that working for you?)
They will get mad at me – I’ll be an outcast.
They will think I am a bad Christian – and that I’m worldly.
They will think I am superficial.
They will think I am greedy.

If I don’t overgive then I am not a good person.
If I protect myself – I am a bad person and God won’t have my back I’ll be all alone.

If they see how messy I am – they will leave me.
Have to color inside the lines, button up my shirt, hold it in, suck it up, get over it.

Even saying these phrases just hurts my gut… JUST NO.

Mostly what I feel is – how can I scream louder for you to hear me – how can I say it wiser – how can I show up bigger for you to hear me – how can I support you more for you to re-write these stories and release the rules so you can experience this level of freedom?

YOU are the reason I wake up excited with the butterflies in my belly. I love you so much. I will show up every single day for the rest of my existence reminding you what is available for you.

Even if you never ever decide to opt into this life of wild freedom and fun – even if you never give yourself permission to be truly happy – even if you never own your power to change the world – I will still be 95 looking back at my life never regretting for one minute that I spent my life reminding you what is available.

I will be ok with knowing I spent my entire life saying it – even if not one person ever fully chose it… because showing up for my purpose is what brings true contentment.

I’ve decided that the word for 2019 is SATISFIED.

Not satisfied like – sitting on the couch watching Dr Phil – eating potato chips (lets be real, that’s satisfying for about 6 hours hahahah) I mean – true satisfaction that lasts a lifetime.

The feeling when you breathe through the emotion coming up around a situation – the RESISTANCE you feel to growing and things changing – the things you can’t control.. and exhaling as you surrender to what is.

The POWER you feel inside as you feel yourself mature and shake off all the BS that was never ever meant to be stuck to you.

Shake off the judgement of others
Release the anger
Release the resentment
Exhale resistance
Allow forgiveness
Feel the emotions
Over an over as you EVOLVE. as you EXPAND into a powerful human being and people wonder how you evolve so fast. You’re doing the impossible, and you are doing it gracefully and with ease.

Satisfaction ISN’T A SIN
HAVING doesn’t make you greedy
BEING doesn’t make you prideful

Ignoring your soul’s cry – starving yourself to please others and obey antiquated rules people blindly follow is madness. It’s not noble.

love you
Mandy x

PS: PS: My new program EVOLVE is here!

My whole life has been training to teach you this. My soul is literally SCREAMING this from the mountain tops!!

I’m not going to lie – it was a long journey to get to this place of TRULY believing and OWNING we all get to have true SATISFACTION FUN AND WEALTH always. Literally.



There are way too many people with the skills, passion and drive to create their true dream life being held back by sabotaging beliefs and excuses because they haven’t done this work.

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* I’ll be showing you exactly how to let others opinions and beliefs, guilt trips, fear voices and judgements roll right off you PERMANENTLY. It literally won’t affect you anymore – and I’ll show you how to recover when it does.

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CHEERS to the greatest year of our lives.