If you are just trying to survive and fit in – you’d better know the rules by heart.

If you are a leader CREATING something new – THERE ARE NO RULES.

I remember when I was first began this success journey there was a friend of mine, a mentor of sorts that was giving me advice.

I was just making my first $10k months roughly… I was working as a health coach and also helping some friends and beginning as a business/ success coach.

The business was having success and I was just barely beginning to be myself and speak my message. I was seeing what people were doing that was sabotaging their own success and I was beginning to call them out and help them see what was going on.

This friend was particularly worried about me because he thought – once you help everyone on your fb or out of the people who know you, you will have no one else to help… it’s just a fluke. What’s your plan when these clients run out?

I definitely tried to ignore it but hadn’t evolved to the state of power I am at now, and really it went in and scared the shit out of me. I felt like it was all for nothing, it was temporary, all of my hard work would be for nothing.

For the next 30 days I was having trouble motivating myself. I was in a constant state of panic… I wanted to quit. And most definitely, I didn’t dare to invest in myself right then… so the moment I needed support most, I contracted.

I let regular people around me, not doing this work, not stepping into the calling I was, tell me their fears, and I let it kick my ever lovin’ ass. (I let this happen again once after this and never again.. but the next time it was only 2 weeks)

I have been told everything any normal human would think for someone like me (A welfare mom working as a nanny for 10 years making $400 a week – going online as an unidentified coach helping others make money lol)

It’s easy to see how I was a big target for the – you can’t do this’s.

Only an amazing thing happened. I helped my clients leave their 9-5’s and make tons of money. And I did it fast… I also hit $380k my first year as a SOLO entrepreneur.

Virtually unheard of.
Makes no damn sense to anyone.
Was against everything everyone thought.

Regular old me.

Want to know the secret? 2 come to mind.

1. I recognized that they think I couldn’t do it because they couldn’t. Nothing more. STOP LISTENING TO THEM.

2. THERE ARE NO RULES WHEN YOU ARE CREATING SOMETHING NEW. If I wanted to truly change myself, change my life, and change the world… I was going to have to get comfortable with reactions of people as I broke all the rules.

So after a month passed – & I’d had enough of my BS cry baby behavior – I went into full FK IT mode.
Fk the rules
fk these crappy play small standards
fk what’s normal
fk this feeling of helplessness
fk it.

I was going for it. I pictured myself being 95 looking back at this day.. this moment. THIS DECISION.

I went and hired a mentor – with money I had no idea how I was going to make – and asked every stupid question, let every emotion out, and did everything that came to mind.

Truth be told, I used my online marketing to teach the people around me what I was unavailable for… and it worked too.

I started to speak up about the nay-sayers (I have an e-book somewhere on this – post me! below of you want the link to that)

I talked about people putting their fears on you and what to do. I started talking about unspoken things.. like:
– how you know you are the smartest in the room
– how when shit hits the fan it’s ALWAYS YOU
– how you aren’t the same as regular people

People gossiped about when I was depressed, how I had attempted suicide when I was younger, how I had been a boy crazy party girl.
So I started talking about how it felt going through those things, what I had learned what was behind it and..

– how people try to keep you down when you rise
– how people will make you bad so they don’t have to feel the tension of them not showing up.
– how you are the girl who walked through the fire – burnt as hell still carrying buckets of water for everyone else.

And this voice has turned into a global corporation. I am the product. People pay money just to be in the room with me. People want to hear what I have to say because IT CHANGES THEM.

It FREE’s them.
Not because I am special – we are the same.
But because I was willing to break ALL THE DAMN rules and create something new.

This is a journey of BECOMING.
This is a journey of learning to not give a fk about what everyone else thinks, they aren’t you. They aren’t called to this. YOU ARE.

Time to show up
love you
Mandy x

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CHEERS to the greatest year of our lives.