You are totally fkg yourself by believing that TODAY is inconsequential - Mandy Perry

>> You are totally fkg yourself by believing that TODAY is inconsequential <<

Not deciding is a decision.. and it’s one that will change the outcome of your life today.

What I want you to think about is.. what is there that you want to do.. know you would have the life you want if you’d just do it and do it consistently… but still haven’t done it.

You really want to !
But you just haven’t made it happen.

It is a challenge.. it is. I know.
But damn does it feel good on the other side of it 

Not only can you do this.. you WILL. OF COURSE YOU WILL.

This is going to take deliberate action.
This is going to take BELIEVING in yourself.

There you are – doing all these things… working working working.. with these glimpses of power moves you could be doing.. that get pushed out of your head… you tell yourself the things you will do today instead.

It’s not perfect yet.
I don’t know enough yet.
What if no one would pay that.
What if I fail.
What if I realize I’m not good enough.
I need to look better first.
I need to sound smarter first.

And you wait until a crisis is on you for you to finally act in alignment with your greatest good.

You can avoid doing it NOW – and wait until LIFE brings you to the point where you have no choice but to show up – or you can create that same sense of urgency by CHOOSING to put your ass in a position where you are required to show up.

AND DAMN THAT FEELS GOOD!! Yes, there’s tension.. but new feels new. You feel nervous and uncomfortable as your nervous system adjusts to this new way of showing up… but IT FEELS SO MUCH BETTER to grow than it does to be cowardly. 

And you simply deserve to feel better!

What are you avoiding?
What is the worst thing that can happen if you go for it?
How will you feel after you have taken action on this NOW?

You get to learn how to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable in the growth space.
You get to learn how to trust yourself to show up.
You get to learn how to be brave enough to put your ass on the line.
You get to learn how to believe in your own FREEDOM.
You get to learn what it means to own your value in being someone people will pay simply to be in the room near you.
You get to learn to be honest about what actually motivates you and give yourself permission to have that.
You get to learn to ALLOW yourself to have what you want.

The work is the work.
You were always going to be great at this.
It’s already happening.. look how far you have come.
This is just a chance for you to truly shift into your fullest potential.

Every day I live knowing I am truly living my fullest potential.. and I feel proud and accomplished. I feel safe and content.

You get to have this too if you are willing to be brave 


Love you
Mandy x

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My whole life has been training to teach you this. My soul is literally SCREAMING this from the mountain tops. 

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CHEERS to the greatest year of our lives.
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