… & how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

OK y’all… here is some blunt truth today.

I have watched this interesting dynamic in my industry.. I’ve experienced it myself as well.

There are 2 or 3 people who end up becoming friends and becoming close. Maybe you have the same mentor, maybe you met in your coaching certification, maybe you grew up together, either way, you’re doing life BIG together.

Only.. one of you is doing life just a little bit bigger than the other. (yup, we are simply saying the shit now)

I don’t mean one is better or worse, there is no such thing, there just is what there is. And the truth is, some go harder than others.. some have a WHY stronger than others, some have learned to callous their mind stronger than others.

Some just WANT IT more.

This is what I have watched happen… one friend starts to give up, ease off the gas pedal and starts to be drawn to shiny pennies.

One starts to criticize the process, the mentor, the work. They come up with reasons why it doesn’t work, why it’s not enough, why it’s not in integrity… etc (there are about 1 million variations of this that can play out)

One person begins to make something EXTERNAL the problem, and the seed is planted.

BECAUSE LET’S BE HONEST… you don’t need to have a huge excuse to ease off… any small one will do lol.

Any small external things can be the excuse we use to ease up, to slow down, to squirrel out. Just one little one… and hear this my tribe… THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE WHO IS WILLING TO GIVE IT TO YOU… ALWAYS.

Most of the time it will be from the friend who is just tired, beat the fk up and isn’t doing the work to keep their mindset ON POINT.

— Maybe they ate too much shit over the holidays and regret how they have showed up and now wants to take the pressure off.

— Maybe they are feeling the tension of not being ALLOWED to shine bright without judgement so they find a way to create a path where they don’t have to be so bright but kid themselves that they can still have wild success.

— Maybe they are simply used to not having to push themselves and when the going gets tough – they get a little bit weaker.

— Maybe they are unwilling to delay instant gratification things in order to invest in themselves and do the work now – so they ease up and keep having the instant rewards instead

— Maybe they are comparing themselves to everyone else and the pressure is just eating them up so they want to out themselves in a room where they are the BIG FISH.

on and on and on….

— Maybe they have some old religious dogma that is kicking their ass telling them they need to be broke, meek or unseen in oder to be a good Christian so they justify not showing up for what they are called to do.

What I DO KNOW… is I watch them take their friends/ family down with them. I’ve seen it in my life, with my peers, and with my clients. I’ve ALMOST let it happen to me.

It’s not bad them… its just a part of this journey. There is NO judgement.. I am quite certain they are UNAWARE they are taking people down with them.. but they are, none the less.

You want to know the the FASTEST WAY TO MAKE $ AND GROW???

Put your ass in a position to where you have no fkg choice. 
I literally do this over and over. You squirrel out, you have these tempting moments to ease off the pedal… and you decide DIG YOUR HEELS IN INSTEAD.

You make a decision that you can’t turn back from instead.. and when you do… YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP.

You CAN’T let them take you down because you just made it a non option to not show up.


Yesterday a client of mine said – “I know I’m the 1%.” 
FKG right you are. 
She knows it, I know it, and the world is waiting.

You might stumble for a moment, you might stutter, you might try to quit… but you wont.

You will recognize the value of the tension of committing to something you cannot back away from…

My last power move? Paying for support 6 months out with my tax money lol.. ya.. I know.

But I am going through a divorce, and the distractions and emotional waves are MANY. So I could do what most people do.. I could ease up.. I have every excuse in the world…

– Just moved to a new state 
– Don’t know anyone – need to make friends and help kids make friends
– Divorce, lawyers, extra expenses
– Newly single mother running a business 
– Emotional waves and added stress of the new divorce dynamic
– Distractions of being single and dating
– New taxes, finances, CPA’s – have to learn whole new state laws
– New health ins, licenses, kids dr’s dentists, schools..
– Family emergencies and dramas back home

It’s endless amounts of excuses I could draw from…IT’S SO DAMN TEMPTING TO EASE UPPPPPPP

So what did I do? I used all my tax money to invest in a way I couldn’t back out of and not only that. would require me to SHOW THE FK UP WHEN THE GOING IS TOUGH.

So hear me when I say – I am not asking you to do anything I don’t do myself.

You want to know how to be immune to excuses, quitting, friends and family’s pull…. PUT YOUR ASS IN A POSITION YOU CAN’T QUIT FROM. When you have no choice… guess what magically happens…


This message is for a few unique individuals who are HUNGRY enough to show up in life this way.. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Love you
Mandy xx

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