WHEN YOUR MESSAGE IS ONE THAT UPSETS AND TRIGGERS PEOPLE – … and how to handle any upset with love 

I remember how scared I was to talk about how much I hated the scary parts of religion, and the threatening tactics of control used. I was afraid people wouldn’t be able to hear my voice anymore for fear of not being able to be a good Christian anymore.. and some did.

I was scared to talk about money – was afraid people would think I was superficial… and they did.

I was afraid to talk about being sexy and beautiful… thought people would think I was slutty, shallow or just looking for attention.. and some did.

I was afraid to talk about going into debt an capitalizing on resources to get ahead in the business… thought people might think I was reckless.. and they did.

And.. I said them anyways because they are what burns on my soul to teach and share… BECAUSE they have brought me immense healing, joy and freedom.

I remember one time someone told me I shouldn’t talk about these things and I was faced with the moment to reply…

I said “Yes, I get that’s your opinion.. and the truth is.. I can care about your opinion about what is ok to say… and I can care about the opinions of others not doing the work I am calling people to… OR I can care about the hundreds of messages I get from people thanking me for speaking about them, and how much they are healing and their lives are changing.”

When we see it for what it is.. its not really even a thing to decide. It’s so damn obvious.

Sure, you’re going to say things that upset people. How can you change things if you are the same as everyone else? If you maintain status quo – how will anyone ever grow?

It’s not logical at all.. yet somehow we kid ourselves into thinking it no big deal to hold back our message.

You are a thought leader. 
You are here to change the world. 
It’s time to act like it!!!! So exciting!!

Yes, people have gotten triggered, upset, annoyed, or even sad from the things I talk about, share, and teach.

People have made assumptions and judged me.
People have decided they don’t like what I stand for.

AND – thousands of lives have changed. 
We are not here to be a jack of all trades, or to make nice – we are here to CHANGE THINGS.

So what do you do when someone is triggered? 
You let them be triggered LOL. I’ve been triggered 7974392634 times.

I’ve run away from people who trigger me, and eventually circled back to them as a high end client hahahaha.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I STAY IN IT AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IN ME WAS UPSET – I grew, healed, learned and evolved – one way or another.

So, if we know this is true. We know that staying in the trigger or upset until we are clear what and why it bothers us MATURES us and heals us… THEN WHY ARE WE AFRAID TO UPSET OTHERS???

Is it just that we are the only ones allowed to grow? They don’t get to? We know it’s necessary but – “I’ll be damned if it’s going to be me that upsets them”…..?? 

Right?? haha
Of course not! You are meant to lead – and leading means being authentic and true- and that means not filtering what you truly have to say. When you allow PURPOSE to flow through you and you stop judging what is allowed to come through you – you collaborate with the Universe.

THIS IS A POWERFUL place to run your business from. 
THIS is a relaxing, exciting, growth inspiring place to come from.

When someone is upset – you get to just see a human who just got a wound scratched, and then k yourself if there was anything you did that felt out of integrity.

Lots of time there will be – and you can grow 1% more in the moment. There’s no judgement – it’s all exactly as it’s meant to be for us all to grow and learn.

WE CANNOT be afraid of a little upset.

How the hell else will you learn how to communicate through them, grow and let your tribe find you???

This is one epic journey – and it’s my honor to lead you, and to learn from you.

love you
mandy xx

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