? WHAT BRAVERY ACTUALLY FEELS LIKE (warning - graphic, life breathing post) - Mandy Perry

It feels like the world is spinning… like you are falling to your death but no one seems to notice. They just walk on by with a friendly smirk.

It feels like your mind is actually twisting like a rubix cube; shifting and sorting to find the right locations in order to feel safe in the free fall.

It feels like you swallowed cement, and your stomach is flipping it like cement pancakes…

It feels like running sprints on the court…. sprint, stop, pivot, turn, sprint… not done yet… sprint more.. more… more…

It feels like the maddening rush of “ARE YOU FKG KIDDING ME!!!!” moments laced with “Oh God, I finally went too far. I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally gone and doneeeee ittttt.”

It feels like drowning while knowing YOU CAN BREATHE under water but for some fkg reason choose not to and to drown…

Until you just fkg breathe… smirk.. shake it off… grin in the face of the too far-ness… fkg swallow and digest the cement until it’s a little fluffy marshmallow bunny… and dig your heels into the earth as your mind sets AFIRE – acclimated to the new level you exist in.

You have tasted the mad rush of the 1% BRAVE few. 
You have looked darkness in the eye and called it’s BLUFF.
You have blocked the WHAT IF’s and the THEY MIGHT’s like a mother fkg Jackie Chan.

You slayed, and it feels like laying on the base of the ocean and breathing the beat and pulse of the earth…

It feels like your lovers perfectly matched kiss and the chill that rushes from your head to your toes when they move on you.

It feels like the sunshine beating on your face as you cross the finish line, arms raised high…

It feels like the child you love running to you with their squeal embracing you with zero judgement or expectation .. just PURE unfiltered love.

And… you grin, exhale and breathe..”Let’s do this again.”

Off the fkg cliff you go again… “WHY THE FK AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF ???”

hahahahah – the real journey of the BRAVE few that dare truly put both feet into this online entrepreneur business.

The wild rush that ensues when you feel the power to change the world, the taste of true freedom and the obsession of the challenge.

I see so many people playing this BORING game of.. this is hard, I’m confused, I am doing everything, I already tried that, someone saveeeee meeeeeeeeee.

So I just wanted to remind you what you are missing out on when you are holding back, hesitating, resisting, getting all cray and emotional, and pretending you don’t know what to do next…. telling yourself a story about WHY you can’t invest and go to the next level.

You want to crush it in this field? Put yourself in a position you can’t back out of. (There’s a reason this is the 1% ?)

love you
mandy xx



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