If there’s anything I have learned about myself and you… it’s that we will get what we want. You just might not see clearly what it is that you truly desire.

When we focus on something and it is in our awareness of want… we pay attention to it, we long for it, talk about it.. we end up with it.

There’s a lot of mischief that can happen in here, but today I am going to show you a big one.. YOU DON’T HAVE RESULTS in the area you long for because something else is mattering to you more right now.

I’ve done this over and over in my business – but nothing as glaringly obvious as after I got divorced. For many reasons a woman will protect herself by dimming her light in times of stress, and I did.

As soon as I was out of the relationship the waves of femininity, sexuality, and outward expression came flooding back like an old lost friend. This became top of my wants. I wanted to have my body back, like the hard times had never happened. That’s what I wanted.

Here’s the thing that can happen – and does happen to loads of us – and happens often –

Getting my body back to badass level was top priority in this current time and space – I was healthy enough to let my priority be my priority… I am going to bullet point this for you so you can really see it – this will change your life if you see it.

1. Wanted badass-level body 
2. Recognized I wanted it most of all in this time and space
3. Gave myself permission to let it be a priority as I know when I give myself what I truly long for and need – I show u big relentlessly.
4. I let that be the focus – but was not showing up in a way that got badass results quickly
5. Let it keep staying the priority without getting the breakthrough results that would let me feel I got what I wanted.
6. Other areas of my life began to decline a bit as I let this take priority and let it keep being priority because I wasn’t getting the level of results at the pace I longed for.

I had other areas begin to slip a bit because I gave myself permission to let what I truly wanted matter more – and that’s brilliant. I’d choose that all day every day – however…. the mischief happens when we LIE to ourselves and pretend we are doing what is required to get the result in that area.

Other examples

– I need to spent more time w my kids but I watch Netflix for those hours instead and keep telling myself I need to spend more time w kids that’s why I can’t take my business to the net level – or that’s why I cant run global retreats.

– I need to work on this relationship and make sure my marriage is thriving – yet I bicker and talk about stupid shit that doesn’t matter and resolve nothing because I don’t require myself to be emotionally mature in the moment. Just drama in trade for wild success.

The list goes on and on. 
You may be clear what you want… but unless you are truly showing up for it – there are some pretty big consequences.

My Ah-Ha: If I don’t show up huge to get epic results w my body – I will keep letting these other areas wane – because I JUST WANT IT and will keep making space for it until I have it.

So if I want to be a great mom, show up for y’all, and make shit tons of $… I’d be wise to give myself what I want in epic proportions – and stop lying to myself about if I am truly actually doing what it takes to make this happen AND MAKE IT HAPPEN in a timely manner. I’m ok with a temporary decline in an area because I GET TO CHOOSE WHAT IS IMPORTANT – but I am wildly unavailable for letting the area fail or go into redzone.

This is the rewire I needed to motivate myself to get my ass to every workout near me- eat like a badass and call in any resource I needed. Check check check – now the other slowed areas will pick right back up.

NOT ONLY – do I get what I want and get to get results in every single area of my life – but I also strengthen my discipline, and my ability to see my own BS as I do this.

My whole life is a living Netflix show of STUPID FAST growth.

And I am happy. Truly happy.
I want this for you too… so today – we just tell ourselves the truth. 

Unavailable for hiding what I want.
Unavailable for not having what I want.
Unavailable for having it at a cost – I get to have it ALL.
End of story.

Love you 
Mandy xx



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A 6 week experience for the badass that is ready to drop all the BS and finally ready to breakthrough to the top 1% experience.

This is for those who have high level mentorship and DOING LIFE together on their radar – but wonder what it’s actually going to take to be ready.. And how to know when you are ready.. And how to make sure you make it worth it when you do leap!

I’m not going to lie – this will stretch you… this is MANDY BOOTCAMP STYLE.

** You KNOW you are going all the way
** You are frustrated with the lack of clarity on how to be ready
** You are willing to do the hard power moves rather than the busy work 
** You are ready for a vision, goals and daily habits to back it up so you KNOW you will make it happen. 
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** Ready to handle facing what it truly takes to make this happen – you will feel tension but I will show you HOW TO LET THE TENSION FUEL YOU!
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** You are not willing to face where you currently are
** You are not willing to support and cheer on your teammates
** You need to hide your messy and wont allow me to help you

My intention is for you to feel crystal clear what it takes for you to be in the high level rooms like my Diamond Mastermind, and how to make every penny of the investment worth it.

My intention is to also have you feel CONFIDENT that you will of course reach your goals and have a DAILY SYSTEM that guarantees success for you for your specific goals.

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Week 5 – How to remove emotions and SHOW UP even after the initial motivation wears off.

Week 6 – Mindset for GREATNESS – Rock solid mindset of someone brave enough to go all in and LEAP.

What I am about to teach you took me YEARS to learn and figure out. Not only did I have to learn how to be coachable and earn how to be brave enough to put myself in the room with high level people, but I did it without someone teaching me these things.

I am going to show you not only what the journey really feels like – and what it takes to make it happen… but how to also get accelerated results by showing you the strategies I use myself, .

I have made some powerful, bold moves in my business and life that have required next level discipline and stamina from me.. While life is crazy around me. There is nothing different about me than you, I was another normal fkd up woman just trying to figure it all out… and if I can do it – so the fk can you. PERIOD.

You ready to be in the room that will show you how to get into the room where the 1% sit? 
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