MY FRIEND TRIGGERED THE SHIT OUT OF ME- here's why & all things SELF MADE? - Mandy Perry


OK, so a friend of mine, who is truly one of the greatest men I know, said something in a way that awakened a piece of me that had become silent.

Even though I love him to pieces and miss him and his opinions all the damn time – I am going to go at this with fever… because it’s why I exist. It is my calling to speak this message (just as his is to speak his.)

“Like those people who claim to be self-made” … said with a tone of – you better be careful not to end up like them.. after a rather beautiful message on being grateful for the small things.

God gives all things – there is no such thing as self-made… is the lesson intended.

Women crying, hyperventilating and cowering came flooding back to me… all the times they have shared with me how they believe it is a sin to try to be successful – to be a coach, to be a woman who works… the times I held them at my events as they shook in fear – wondering if their children would go to hell because they were becoming someone… this is just what came to mind when I heard this.. familiar shaming tone.

It was meant with love and encouragement.. yes… but it was meant as a warning as well.

The same warning that stop SO MANY people from ever truly living their purpose, the same assumptions and judgements.

God chose you. 
He chose us all.

Abundance is INFINITE – there is no limitation. 
The ONLY limitation to following the calling you feel on your life – the DRIVE FOR MORE you feel burning in you, is man-made limitations.

Notions that it’s humble to be grateful for what you have PERIOD.. can we finish this sentence??

Be grateful for what you have while you CALL IN ALL OF IT… fucking ALL OF IT.

You’re content when you’re content- whose brilliant idea was it to put limits on this? (rhetorical – I answer this below)

Wanting and deciding and having is epic, healing, and life-giving.

Wanting and then believing you can’t have it seems like the birthplace of this contagious rule. ?

Self made – VERB – Had the balls and faith to trust soul guidance to do brave shit that others are unwilling to do as you trusted the process, trusted my God and ignored all the shame, rules, warnings, and fears of other – and then got all the results from it. Mandy circa 2019

So you can sit there waiting for you manna to fall for you while you wish and (The irony is I am going to say this with love and then w a warning LOL)

Self made is a depiction of one’s decisions that are their responsibility to make.

You are allowed to be BIG – bold epic – rich as fuck – happy.
You’re allowed to say NO. 
Allowed to leave
Allowed to say YES
Allowed to go all in and to BE ALL YOU EVER COULD BE 
Allowed to be beautiful
allowed to have all the things

and for damn sure – you’re allowed to break the rules that don’t apply to your sense of integrity.

Do not live by another man’s convictions – and don’t let another person try to tell you to.


You are born for greatness and so it shall be.

love you
mandy xx




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