WHY MY 1:1's SELL OUT IN MINUTES (and how to truly be seen).. ❤ - Mandy Perry

WHY MY 1:1’s SELL OUT IN MINUTES (and how to truly be seen)..  
So I met a human being tonight that didn’t know about Brene Brown’s vulnerability work… (if you don’t know – YouTube her Ted talk pronto.. it’s just brilliant.)

For whatever reason, the topic of vulnerability has been on my radar lately.

Maybe as I step back into the world of dating after NOT dating for so many years… maybe it’s the moments my success is reflected back to me and I had forgotten how others see it.. Maybe it’s the deeper work I am doing to see myself and the crazy 3 hour somatic release sessions hahahaha

I am keenly aware of the staggering impact and power of vulnerability… have been teaching clients how this affects their business and marketing in a HUGE way.

It’s vulnerable to speak your message UNEDITED.. just as you truly feel it, see it, think it, and believe in it.

Your business is nothing more than relationships with people.

How can you ever feel truly loved if you do not let someone know all of you… your flaws, your sexy, your beautiful, your ugly, your idiotic, your immature, your brilliance….

You cannot. 
You will never feel seen and you will yearn and search for something more.

No one can see you because you do not show them… not because “all guys suck” not because “all women are crazy”…

If that’s true in love it’s true in friendships… because #human.
If that’s true with these relationships… it’s true with OTHER HUMANS.

And guess who is listening to your marketing, seeing your brand, experiencing your energy….

Which means.. if you are all.. let me be perfect, let me look so smart.. let me tell them how to do it all so they think I am brilliant…

If you hold back, hide YOU, mute your true voice… they can never love you.

They can never feel truly safe with you.
They can never KNOW you.

❤️ My 1:1 packages consistently sell out within minutes – because I am vulnerable as fk. ❤️

I am me, all me, nothing but me so help me baby Jesus. And you KNOW me, you trust me and you love me.

Not because I am so wonderful or different… but because I gave you an honest chance to.. and sadly, that is rare.

Know what it takes to be vulnerable and opt into a life of being known and loved? BRAVERY.

Life is rigged for the bold… this is a saying for a reason.


You want to sell out $30k, 60k, 100k packages in minutes? LET THE WORLD REALLY SEE YOU.

It’s THAT rare. 
and scary as it feels… we WANT to see you. All of you. We already love you.

The world is waiting.

Love you
mandy xx



Ready to BOOTCAMP MANDY STYLE – where your BS no longer flies and you can’t run circles anymore?

Ready to scale from 6 or multi 6 to on track for 7 figures?
Ready to see your true potential?

Ready to wake up every single morning knowing EXACTLY what to do to create your dream life?

This is not a FKG MAGIC PILL… It’s a way of clearing out the BS, and getting in integrity with your TRUE POTENTIAL, and then having a system and perfect clarity on how to best use your time and energy to change the world and become the badass you feel burning on the inside.

This program will change your life and give you a clear picture of exactly what it takes as we begin to work it out. This is a life time process but I will build the machine with you and help you learn how to operate it with precision.

A 6 week experience for the badass that is ready to drop all the BS and finally ready to breakthrough to the top 1% experience.

This is for those who have high level mentorship and DOING LIFE together on their radar – but wonder what it’s actually going to take to SCALE .. And how to know when you are ready.. And how to make sure you make it worth it when you do leap!

I’m not going to lie – this will stretch you… and you will LOVE every second of it.

** You KNOW you are going all the way

** You are frustrated with the lack of clarity on how to be ready

** You are willing to do the hard power moves rather than the busy work

** You are ready for a vision, goals and daily habits to back it up so you KNOW you will make it happen.

** Prepared to tell the TRUTH to yourself so we can clean up what needs to be cleaned up. ZERO holding back or judgement of self.

** Ready to handle facing what it truly takes to make this happen – you will feel tension but I will show you HOW TO LET THE TENSION FUEL YOU!

** Ready to become HIGHLY coachable so you have confidence that you will 10x all of your investments.
** You are not willing to face where you currently are
** You are not willing to support and cheer on your teammates
** You need to hide your messy and wont allow me to help you

My intention is for you to feel crystal clear what it takes for you to be in the high level rooms like my Diamond Mastermind, and how to make every penny of the investment worth it.

My intention is to also have you feel CONFIDENT that you will of course reach your goals and have a DAILY SYSTEM that guarantees success for you for your specific goals.


** 6 weeks 1:1 with Mandy 
** Weekly trainings in a private FB group
** Access to membership area where all content is accessible indefinitely.
** Mix of audios, workbooks and LIVE trainings

Week 1 – Get a clear vision & How to SET and REACH your goals

Week 2 – Become a MACHINE making $ and hitting your goals DAILY HABITS and systems. You will have a PERSONALIZED SYSTEM for your business and dream life to use every day. Done & Organized

Week 3 – How to be COACHABLE & get the best results with a high end mentor and tribe & 10x your results right out of the gate.

Week 4 – How to change ANY behavior NOW (This alone is worth it)

Week 5 – How to remove emotions and SHOW UP even after the initial motivation wears off.

Week 6 – Mindset for GREATNESS – Rock solid mindset of someone brave enough to go all in and LEAP.
>> WE BEGIN TUESDAY – 29th <<
PM me if you are a hell yes