My Daily Routine... - Mandy Perry

A lot of people are asking what my daily routine looks like right now- here is one example of a day

Up at 6 
Fk around for a bit – make coffee – stretch- journal- listen to some inspiration

Run around getting house ready for cleaners ?

Breakfast of champs w the kids 
Drop cal off

Go have a meeting with Baileys teacher (the are asking to test her IQ for the gifted program- no surprise at all there)

Create audio for Relentless 
Sort shit out w team
Sort shit out w new book keeper and CPA 
Check on financials

Jam out to some music and dance around
Grab a coffee 
Laundry flip, unload dishwasher

1:1 calls with the mastermind and evolve clients (i cook while on calls)

Live training in evolve group- last one! Always a little sad to end a course!

Get cal from school 
Go to gym w him (weights)

Grab Bailey from recital 
Bring her to gymnastics 
Pit stop grocery store 
Prep dinner

Take a bath….
Do a training while in bath ???‍♀️

Get bailey 
Hot yoga

Create tomorrow schedule 
Get workout clothes ready 
Book & bed or wine and Netflix. All depending ???

Love you ❤️??
#bosslady #dreamlife


Ready set go!!

PM me for details!