HOW TO USE THE ABSOLUTE WORST OF YOU to be WILDLY SUCCESSFUL and free ?? (and why we’re getting naked)  . - Mandy Perry

The worst in me is afraid to be too bright..

Feels guilty for all the little things I don’t do right and all the big things I fk up.
.. is messy AF
.. says way too much, all the damn time
.. goes back to old things

The worst in me is used to resentment.
.. doesn’t want to admit that I know what to do
.. is scared of life being good… really fucking good.

The worst in me is scared you won’t like me
.. scared I will never really feel truly deeply loved
.. scared I will never feel like the most important person in anyone’s life.
.. scared I am not enough in so many ways, and way too much is all the rest of the ways

The worst in me feels like a bad person that has kidded herself into believing I am good and care about people.

.. feels small, so damn small
.. feels confused about what I want, what I desire, what I deserve.
.. is terrified I’ll find out one day that I never deserved what I have come to believe I do deserve.

The worst in me pretends what you did isn’t fucked up so that I don’t have to deal with the tension.

Feels hopeless when I can’t save someone.. feels twisted up inside that I don’t know how to help you feel better, feel stronger, and get through this.

Shuts down when I need to do something basic as the old voice of being a stupid blond who has no common sense floods back and fogs my brain up with pain.

Drinks too much
Dwells too much
Disconnects quickly from people as to not feel the ache of missing, or feeling vulnerable as I remember what the intensity of close feels like.

The worst of me is quite fucking certain no one on the planet really wants to hear anything I have to say at all as I am clearly full of shit, about all things, always.

It’s the worst of me that runs away when you try to love me
.. that holds back when I want to lean in
.. that sits back down when I am being called to the stage

and it’s ok that this part of me shows up sometimes.
It’s ME. All of me.

and it’s because of the worst of me that I have become the best of me.

The best of me knows who I am.. knows what I want..

Knows what I am available for and what I am NOT available for.

The best of me knows I have always done the absolute best that I could, and when I know better I always do better, and that is more than enough.

.. chuckles at the messiness and gifts the opportunity of employment to someone who enjoys organizing lol

The best of me built an empire saying all the things everyone told me I shouldn’t say. All the things that make me too much and not proper… and all the very same people who told me I had to conform now ask how the fk I did it.

The best of me…
.. releases old things in order to make room for the new epic things I know I deserve, and is DAMN excited to keep experiencing all the epic things that keep coming.

.. knows life just keeps getting better and better, and I get to have more and more and then more more.. total limitless

The best of me knows my absolute worth, my birth right to BEING, having and doing all the things I dream of and vastly far beyond.

.. knows I am good. So sooo good. Knows I deeply and truly listen to the pain in the world and in the people around me whom I love, and chooses to GROW and become permission; chooses to participate in creating the kind of world where others are allowed to THRIVE and be truly happy and lit the fuck up in life.

and so I grow big and create this world in collaboration with the God I feel called by.

The BEST OF ME knows what’s mine is mine, and no one can take it from me and smiles with a childlike glee at the freedom found there.

.. knows what missed me was never meant for me

The best of me embraces my beautiful BRIGHT ASS light, and just as swiftly embraces my dark, exotic, wild, reckless side.

The best of me lets you inside, pulls you close.
Remembers why I let you inside, and keeps letting you in, unless you lose the privilege of being there.

The best of me is crystal fucking clear when you have lost the privilege of being there.

The absolute best of me knows this is all – not about me – and I get to allow my purpose to live through me, and my only job is to let the message flow out of me unfiltered, and let the Universe work its magic.. watch God bless me wildly as I choose joy… choose happiness.. choose thriving and total overflow.

The best of me knows the whole damn world needs someone like me who is cut open, raw, and vulnerable owning my place on the stage… naked willing to expose all as we do life together.

and for damn sure… the BEST OF ME sees the BEST OF YOU and will never ever stop reminding you how fucking amazing, talented, smart, beautiful and WORTHY you are.


I love you
Mandy xx

I know it feels like tension, wondering if you’re going to go all the way to the top.

I know it feels scary and sometimes even terrifying to uplevel your business, go to the next level, be available for nothing less than what you envision for yourself.

I know it can feel confusing, foggy, discombobulating to shift into the next level..

You have been ready.

What is the alternative? Go another month doing the same frantic BS.. watching yourself create the same results.. WHILE YOU SEE clearly what you could be doing daily to 10x.

You see it, you know it’s available for you.. but yet you don’t show up and make it happen daily.


What is it actually going to take for you to show up and actually do what you know you need to do to make it happen?

Here’s what I know… results = motivation.

You lose 5 lbs, you are then motivated to lose 5 more. lose 10 lbs and you are motivated to lose 10 more.

Make $45k months, you are motivated to make $60k. Make $60k you are motivated to make $80k.. make $100k, you are motivated to make $200k. etc etc.

Get a high level client that shows up and gets amazing results, you will be motivated to lead the leaders…

Run a group that brings in $60k, frees up 10 hours a week of your time, and brings together EPIC people who heal, grow, and become friends.. and you will be motivated to build your tribe world-wide.

The work isn’t to figure it out.. it isn’t to try to UNFK yourself (you aren’t fkd up. NO – you aren’t ? it is simply to EXPAND the results by FOCUSING on them, appreciating them, and being the person required to HAVE the results.

– You can’t judge yourself into being her
– You can’t stress yourself into overflow
– You can’t frantic yourself into leading
– You can’t overbook yourself into freedom

It’s time.

– Own your space.
– Lead the leaders… positioning is a CHOICE.
– Have a high level system to guarantee results.
– Up level every area of life with you as you scale.
– Enjoy watching your clients breakthrough and heal.
– Feel the anticipation and excitement of KNOWING you are on track for 7 figures.
– Create HIGH END offers and call their ass to more
– Sell from the highest vision you hold for them as we all show up in our fullest potential and expression.

It’s possible.
It’s possible for YOU.
It’s necessary.
It’s time NOW.

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