HOW WILL YOU KNOW HOW FAR YOU CAN GO IF YOU DON'T PUSH THE LIMITS? ?? (how to get shit tons of results fast) - Mandy Perry

You know you are meant for more..
You know you want to grow… expand at rapid levels.

You know you are capable of true impact on this world..

BUT something is keeping you tripped up. 
Something keeps you stuck in a bit of a loop and you just want to understand WHAT.

WHY do you continue to do the same things even when you can so clearly see what is available for you to HAVE and DO if you would just shift and show up as that person you know you are capable of… the one you see in your mind.

There’s a few pieces to this but only 2 that you really need to get:

1. You have created neural pathways in your brain with a quick impulse to the behavior that you choose when you feel things. For example.. “I should really do a FB live tonight.”

If for enough nights you have chosen to put in Netflix instead – you have created a pathway in the brain that loads up and fires quickly as a reacting to the feeling you feel when you think about going on a live.

Make sense? So part of this is just understanding the human brain a little.

2. You have a way of thinking that is not conducive to your dream life. EX: I am a blunt, passionate, intense woman. Culture deems this as a bit inappropriate – so if I am going to do blogs, photos and FB lives I need to be appropriate.

Feeling like I need to be appropriate feels like someone blowing hot air in my face until I can’t breathe.

I am here to create something new so that means when I do the new thing I feel called to do.. I am going to experience all sorts of things.

People make comments about my appropriateness.
I have people flock to me – and people step away from me (this is a normal part of the process)
I feel all sorts of things..

Confused if I am doing the right thing
Anxious that it will work out
Curious how I will handle it

I feel like I am growing but also like I am making my circle smaller, which can be scary and you are smart enough to recognize you are creating a GAP in between you and the general population of humans.

I feel a deeper sense of knowing myself, and more clarity in who in my life is safe to have around and who isn’t.

Who will come on this epic journey with me and who won’t. (The indicator is how they make you FEEL. It doesn’t matter if they are family, an ex, a best friend, or a new lover… how they make you FEEL always matters.) I someone in your tribe or on your FB makes you feel bad – delete them. YOU HAVE PERMISSION.

If someone in your life makes you feel safe, seen, known, heard and accepted – wrap them around you and breathe them into your soul.

Growing feels like growing.. and there are different paces you can grow. You can go slow and steady – or you can dive right the fk in.

Obviously my style is the latter… as on track for 7 figures 3 years in is UNBELIEVABLE.

If this style resonates with you.. then you are going to have to get really comfortable pushing boundaries, breaking rules and feeling EXPOSED.

It feels uncomfortable and scary ya – but it also feels like TRULY LIVING, and living on the edge. It’s exciting, thrilling, awe-inspiring, motivating, and FUN.

It’s fucking fun. 
Not to mention the epic results and rewards for learning to handle the tension of pushing boundaries.

Say it with me: 
I am safe to push the boundaries in my life, explore, go all in, ignore social standards and rules, leap of the cliff, and enjoy every second of it!


love you
mandy xx

I know it feels like tension, wondering if you’re going to go all the way to the top.

I know it feels scary and sometimes even terrifying to uplevel your business, go to the next level, be available for nothing less than what you envision for yourself.

I know it can feel confusing, foggy, discombobulating to shift into the next level..

You have been ready.

What is the alternative? Go another month doing the same frantic BS.. watching yourself create the same results.. WHILE YOU SEE clearly what you could be doing daily to 10x.

You see it, you know it’s available for you.. but yet you don’t show up and make it happen daily.


What is it actually going to take for you to show up and actually do what you know you need to do to make it happen?

Here’s what I know… results = motivation.

You lose 5 lbs, you are then motivated to lose 5 more. lose 10 lbs and you are motivated to lose 10 more.

Make $45k months, you are motivated to make $60k. Make $60k you are motivated to make $80k.. make $100k, you are motivated to make $200k. etc etc.

Get a high level client that shows up and gets amazing results, you will be motivated to lead the leaders…

Run a group that brings in $60k, frees up 10 hours a week of your time, and brings together EPIC people that heal, grow, and become friends.. and you will be motivated to build your tribe world-wide.

The work isn’t to figure it out.. it isn’t to try to UNFK yourself (you aren’t fkd up. NO – you aren’t ? it is simply to EXPAND the results by FOCUSING on them, appreciating them, and being the person required to HAVE the results.

– You can’t judge yourself into being her
– You can’t stress yourself into overflow
– You can’t frantic yourself into leading
– You can’t overbook yourself into freedom

It’s time.

– Own your space.
– Lead the leaders… positioning is a CHOICE.
– Have a high level system to guarantee results.
– Up level every area of life with you as you scale.
– Enjoy watching your clients breakthrough and heal.
– Feel the anticipation and excitement of KNOWING you are on track for 7 figures.
– Create HIGH END offers and call their ass to more
– Sell from the highest vision you hold for them as we all show up in our fullest potential and expression.

It’s possible.
It’s possible for YOU.
It’s necessary.
It’s time NOW.

LEADING THE LEADERS – a high-end program for the successful badassess ready to scale and own their space as the leader.

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5. How to get and close high-end clients on calls or messenger. This is the same skill you will use for high-end sales and marketing. I show you how to bring them to their highest potential and have the bravery to step.

Are you ready to really, and I mean REALLY do this?

To finally KNOW you are living to your true potential, on track for 7 figures and work with the high-end badasses meant to do life with you?

If you are a HELL YES to lead… 
>> <<