(and the thing that happened last week that may help you breakthrough in a big way)

There’s a moment that happened to me this week – that I believe will help you guys see something really important.

Let me see if I can make this clear.. lol

The moral is this … I give myself TIME and SPACE to focus on something that feels messy or important.

I ditch the notion that you are supposed to act a certain way in order to get results.. as a matter of fact – I think the general rule is a trap and it’s why most people feel like their life is chaos.

How your morning is supposed to look for success.
How dating is supposed to go.
What your focus is, and how long you’re allowed to be focused on it..

I’ve said it ONE MILLION TIMES, and I’ll say it one million more… THE WORK IS THE WORK.

If the work is the work, and it’s different for everyone – HOW CAN THERE BE SET RULES.
Makes no damn sense.

Here is a blunt example:
I started dating.
I was super discombobulated by the process at first.
I noticed it was sort of consuming my time energetically and physically.
I wasn’t ok with that. I have done the work to notice when something feels off. and it felt off.

What most people would suggest and do is to refocus on other things and try to use discipline to sort it.

Not me.
I put shit on hold, and let myself dive right in. Sure, it’s scary to do that… because it feels so similar to being out of control… but .. it’s NOT.

And you are smart enough to know the difference between the two.

I know my top tasks to crush life, and those get done.. the rest can fk off while I allow myself to uplevel an area that feels hard or confusing.

So.. in the process of this dive, a new friend mentioned that I ruminate worse than them. I haven’t looked that word up, but I knew they meant it as a bad thing.. as in… I am “stuck” on focusing on this and I’m undisciplined, or some version of this.

It hurt a little that one of my best qualities that has brought so much freedom, joy and success into my life is seen as undisciplined and even unhealthy to someone… but I also knew, they just didn’t get it, and how could they really?

Which is why I am writing this today.

Unless you do it, how could you get it ?

I spend crazy amounts on investments for myself – even spend above my means at times.. WHEN IT FEELS IN INTEGRITY.

Example – I have a cheap car – Nissan Murano. Most all people at my income level drive much nicer cars – but I don’t care about a nicer car right now.

However, I’ll drop $10k a month on support – $600 on a facial or $6k on a Chanel bag when at the time those felt like things I did to feel taken care of, lucky, blessed, or increased my ability to receive.

OR simply because I just longed for it, the experience or result.

IT ALWAYS causes growth which is the true longing I have, but how could someone who isn’t in my shoes possibly get that? To them it’s a superficial thing… you see?

Same is true with where I put my focus.


If you have ever been a target of my focus you know it feels damn good to be in that target lock.. or it feels intense or uneasy if you might be someone I am creating boundaries with or calling you out on something in my personal life.

I know where my focus goes shit happens. Period.

I know only incredible people or important (TO ME) situations get my focus, and I also TRUST MYSELF to decide where my focus goes.

If I decide that it gets to go to dating, that is because I see potential for massive growth and healing, and I know damn well I’ll get the result I see in my mind and that it will up level all of my life – not just this one area. I will grow – thus all things in my world will as well.

For someone else to label you something because you had the balls to feel worthy of giving an area your focus is probably unavoidable. It just is what it is… not a problem.. unless you let it deter you.

I’ve been the one labeling someone else many times. It is what it is.


Sure, you will get messy, you will have to reign yourself back into the land of getting it done.. but to take note of a sticky or lacking area… give it your attention, uplevel the shit out of it and get back to your newly up leveled life – OVER AND OVER is a pretty epic way to live.

It is safe to do the work.
It is safe to invest time, money and energy into the area you want results in.
It is safe to give focus to the messy dark scary areas lol

You CAN trust yourself, and every time you will get a little better and better.. and for damn sure, you will learn how to manage your time and do the things that are TRULY important to you, vs what the world would deem as disciplined.

FK what anyone else thinks is disciplined. YOU KNOW what is truly disciplined for you. You know what you WANT. and you know what area is a mess and needs some TLC for massive breakthrough.

If you want your dream life to be your reality – you’re going to have to stop working so hard to make people who don’t have your dreams think you are on track for reaching them.

How it really looks will make no sense to them at all.


Love you
Mandy x

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