WATCH ME TURN MY RAGE INTO MONEY LIKE A FKG MAGICIAN... (and why getting pissed is safe) - Mandy Perry

This was an actual thing I said .. I know, most people would never admit that to you, but y’all know I’m not most people.

BELIEF: EVERYTHING that happens, happens for my GOOD.
It happens FOR ME.

So that means, the current circumstances that is happening that is pissing me the fk off… is happening FOR me.

I mean, it really actually IS.

Which also means… that situation that you are frightened about, pissed off about, angry, resentful, confused etc about.. IS FOR YOU.

And you will MISS OUT ON THE HUGE present if you don’t stop playing the victim and let this shit out.

I dropped my daughter off at school… screamed bloody murder on the way home like a crazy lady… exhaled and said.. OK GOD, WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR ME IN THIS.

I felt a calm cool strong… “What do you want from this?”

I paused for a minute as that was such a different energy than the rage that was coursing through my veins.

ME: Well, I want to feel as though this is fuel.

I want to 10x.. no fk that.. I want to 100x my mothering and I want to help 100.. no fk that 1,000 coaches hit $500k this year.

And I want to turn this rage into $ like a fkg magician.

If I could have that, this would be worth it.

Soul: “So when are you going to claim it?”


and of course what song came on right at that moment?
Dynamite (Taio Cruz)

“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes… saying AAAAOOOOOO gotta let goooooooo.. I want to celebrate and live my life.. saying AAAOOOOOOOO…”

You are going to be ok.
You are going to not just be ok but you are going all the mother fkg way.. DO YOU HEAR ME?


You get to have huge gifts from all the things in your life… every single thing gets to be FOR YOU. FOR YOU. FOR YOU. FOR YOU.

Everything happens FOR ME, every single thing happens for me.

I get to have more and more of everything that I desire from EVERY SINGLE THING that happens.

It’s always this way and I am so grateful for it!!!!

You have truly shifted into the most rare of powerful humans when you embrace this.

Mother fkg congratulations!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOO

#nowletsgocrushlife #HappyValentinesDay

love you
mandy xx
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