The standard has accidentally become
what will sell..
what will work..
what will make me liked..
what will keep me safe..
what will prove I am right..
what will fix this..

rather than simply … WHAT DO I WANT?

what feels like thriving
what do I feel called to do
what will make me happy
what feels amazing
what am I doing now that I know success is inevitable
what do I truly feel to express
what is fun for me

We accidently take away our own freedom to choose, and we don’t even realize we are doing it.

You get to be happy
You get to have $ in the bank and feel safe and taken care of
You get to look your best
You get to LEAD and be the top of your field
You get to be better than everyone else
You get to be smarter, quicker, savvier..

You simply just get to have it all.
and you get to choose it.

You don’t owe anyone a damn thing, and no one owes you.

This was always about you choosing what you FEEL to choose and not giving any attention to the- what if I fail?

What if I invest and I end up in debt?
What if I try and fail and look stupid?
What if I find out I’m not as powerful as I thought?
What if people reject me?

When you spend your time there, you never even begin.
I don’t care if you are making multi-6 figures right now… if you are spending your time in what if land- you haven’t even begun AND YOU KNOW IT.

You haven’t even truly BEGUN.

It’s time you beautiful powerhouse you.
It’s mother fkg time.

love you
mandy xx

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Just as a celebration of you choosing to own your power.
We Start February 28th


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