ONE MORE DAY OF PUSHING - WONDERING & FEELING BORED AND ANNOYED... (the blunt secret behind my massive happiness and success ) ?❤️ - Mandy Perry
I don’t know that I can even really comprehend how I lived so long feeling bored, dry and overwhelmed.
I see so many people living this way and there is basically nothing I won’t do to bring healing to the world on this.
You get to LOVE your life
You get to be paid to do what you feel called to in your soul.
I wonder what you need to hear & how many times you need to hear it for you to let yourself really hear this.
THE REASON you are struggling in your level of success and showing up in your life is because of this ONE TWO punch right here…
YOU are in the habit of focusing on what if & you still think you have to work your way to success rather than FEEL it.
Yet it is all the unfelt things, the suppressed things building up over time and the lack of ACTUALLY believing it’s safe and ok for you to have your dream life.
If you are waking up every day – genuinely excited about your life… having full confidence that of course you will crush life and be financially wealthy and free… that the world will love you and you will be a GOOD human that heals the world as you continue to expand..
your children will only thrive more – your friends and family will learn and heal from your thriving..
and you will become more and more of a force of good in this world BECAUSE you are wealthy, happy, free, and having the time of your life…
How differently do you think you might show up day to day???
Can we be honest about how much time you are actually wasting BECAUSE you haven’t learned how to be in a HAPPY -positive expecting state??
Can we get more honest and stop pretending you think there is ANY OTHER reason you are struggling??
What is more important that this?
What could possibly bring more success than this??
It is what it is.
WE KNOW this is it.
This is the work… it just takes a ballsy – savvy human to accept it and show up for it.
Most of the population will go on trying to do do do while ignoring the deeper beliefs, suppress the tension… show up for a minute only to go back and repeat this cycle over and over-n and wonder how others do it…
meanwhile.. they know damn well they are wasting SO MUCH TIME being bored, frustrated and overwhelmed… wondering how those “other” people create such fiery – inspiring content.
How they show up so relentlessly
How they are so happy
How they all seem to find each other and do life together.
How they seem to have it all – the freedom, each other, the money, happiness, FUN
This is how
Fak. I hope you are hearing me.. I want this for you and the unfortunate part is I want it more for most people than they do for themselves.
You fiery ass SAVVY badass!!!
Now get your ass in the REAL GAME.
enough is enough.
love you
mandy xx.
PS: HAPPY & WEALTHY is open!!
30 days of non stop fkg energy and life- learning to truly be happy and watching all the financial reward that comes from this work. ???
The journey to being HAPPY & WEALTHY while SERVING the world in MASSIVE integrity.
You can be Happy & Rich
Happy & Have boundaries
Happy & Successful
Happy & Sexy
Happy & Lit up every day
Happy & A great mom
Happy & Making brave leaps
It’s not EITHER OR – It’s BOTH.
There is some work to do to reset this
It’s not
EITHER happy or wealthy
EITHER Wealthy or serving others
Either Serving or happy
Either Wealthy or in integrity
It’s available for you to be HAPPY & WEALTHY and SERVE the world in massive integrity.
After all….
A wealthy happy hand focused on service is a powerful hand to reach down and help you.
Happy people DO GOOD.
Happy people crush life.
Happy people create a happy world.
Being happy FREE and helping others was always the whole point yes?
What makes you happy?
What is your dream life?
How do you create boundaries with people without it causing tons of angst and drama?
Why do you feel guilty when you are thriving and others aren’t?
Knowing how $ plays a vital role run your happiness
Understanding your worth – growing into the person that knows they are meant to be happy and wealthy
How to be HAPPY while building your business and creating your dream life.
Breaking out of the bad habits you may blame on external circumstances that are creating anxiety & overwhelm, or sadness & anger.
Releasing the old stuck emotions and trauma to truly finally have space for JOY & WEALTH
Getting your priorities in order. When you don’t live within your VALUES – you do not thrive long term.
Building new habits that back your dream life
Creating time for the things that matter without freaking out that the sky will fall
Having time and space to heal and work through things while still making tons of money (I do this always)
Understanding the real process of being happy & wealthy
Learning how to TRUST the process & get all the results on the other side because you STAYED IN IT.
WHEN YOU FEEL GOOD YOU DO GOOD.. and it’s time you start getting a LOT more honest about what your powerful ass needs to feel good so you can go heal the world.
You get to serve, be someone of high integrity and BE HAPPY & WEALTHY.
When you have conflicting values – you will start to do good.. and then revert back to the old behavior over and over.
If you believe it’s bad to be wealthy – you will not become wealthy, and if you did you would not be HAPPY
If you believe it’s bad to have a luxury life – you will sabotage
If you believe you have to over give to be someone of integrity -you will keep over giving and burning yourself out.
If you believe you either have to be Mother Theresa or Kim Kardashian and there is no in between – you will stay stuck in chaos, overwhelm and confusion.
If you THINK :
you are leaving people behind, abandoning people
hurting others as you shine
aren’t allowed to be happy if others aren’t
people will dislike you
you will be alone
success will be a burden
feel uncomfortable outshining others
If you tend to:
Feel worried, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, angry
self criticize
criticize others that are shining brightly
get jealous
deflect compliments
cause arguments
cycle into getting sick or hurt
If you:
Do BS busy work
distract self
Drink, binge, TV, iPhone
Engage in unhealthy relationships a little to long
Then this is your work.
The savvy person gets that you don’t get to be entitled and get all the rewards. There is no SKIPPING the work and being happy wealthy free and changing the world.
This is a journey of BECOMING the person it took to have this life.
THIS IS THE WORK.. it’s work but it is fun as hell and worth every single second.
THIS IS A GOOD LIFE, and I’m excited to do it with YOU!
RESULT OF THIS WORK: You will clearly see the mischief that was stopping you from feeling HAPPY every single day while having massive wealth and FREEDOM, and you will have the tools to work through these things for the rest of your life.
You ready?
I’ll see you in the private group!
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