I remember when I thought for damn sure I’d be a worse mom if I made money. I was terrified I’d turn into some superficial person and abandon my kids.

I think back on the days when I was in a basement apartment… barely any room to breathe, taking coaching calls in my bathroom to try to get some privacy…

Counting up the amount to spend on groceries.. debating if I should get the extra meat or the organic meat (both kids being diagnosed with ADHD had me feeling really guilty about the chemicals and not being able to feed them healthier food)

Being strung out and overwhelmed all the time.. trying to “catch up” to all the normal people. Wondering how much longer I could live like this… pushing myself so hard just to try to keep them safe and give them any semblance of a good life…

Telling my daughter “You talk to much.”.. because all I needed was some quiet as the voices in my head were already flipping out all day… lol

Telling my son how he needs to stop being embarrassed about where we live.. if friends judge you for living here they’re not your real friends.. and feeling the pain of knowing damn well that he wasn’t going to ever invite them over and that would affect him.

I would drink an entire bottle of wine most nights just trying to feel like I got a break… and be tired in the morning.. so I would rush them and be cranky getting them to school.

After school I would be trying to get them to do quiet things so I could study for my classes.. with day dreams of moving them into a home and having a normal job… getting off of welfare and having normal “blue cross blue shield” insurance lol.

I was a regular single mom trying to get by… I don’t judge myself for it.. I was genuinely doing the best I could.


TODAY IS NOT THAT WAY, money helped me relax, feel taken care of, and have more to give to my children.

It couldn’t possibly be LESS true that making $ hurt my kids, took me away, made me less of a mom.

When you feel good you do good… when I feel safe and taken care of you will have more to give your kids.. your family, friends, and everyone else you love.. including your audience/ clients.

The work is to believe you are safe to be successful… to believe you are worthy of FEELING SAFE, relaxed and happy.

What would qualify someone to be worthy of being relaxed, successful and happy?


It is you… it was always you.
YOU deserve to feel relaxed, happy, safe, accomplished…

You deserve multi millions… you deserve to die having left your true impact.

You deserve to live your potential
to feel the sense of I FKG DID IT. I really did it!!!

You deserve joy unlimited, a voice unfiltered and dreams un-surrendered.

You deserve it all… you deserve it ALL now.. and having it ALL only makes you a more loving available mother, friend, daughter, teacher, leader, healer….

The call is to release the story that having it all is bad.
It’s time to stop avoiding showing up for this life assignment.

It’s not about $
It’s not about time
It’s not about your kids
It’s not about strategy

It’s about you believing it’s safe to have it and that you are worthy to have it all NOW.

Love you
It’s time to be wildly happy.
mandy xx



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