THE WORK THAT ONLY THE TOP 1% WILL DO... (as the rest of the world wonders how they do it)? - Mandy Perry

Abundance is INFINITE. There is no end to it…

No two people will every be exactly the same
No two snowflakes the same

No two moments exactly the same…

This is an astonishing thing.. for all of time there is infinite newness… to think that this could be true.. but then to believe that you cannot have what you long for in life is the craziest of things to think about.

It’s not about how much you can go generate ON YOUR OWN SHOULDERS AND KNOWLEDGE… but to recognize that abundance is a natural condition in the universe and is ALREADY present .

All resource comes from this INFINITE well.. yes? Every human, every snowflake, every moment…

So if it all comes FROM an infinite source.. then in order to HAVE more of it.. we would need to first acknowledge that it exists and we are part of it.. and that it is INFINITE…

Abundance happens because you are from an abundant source. Not because you somehow earned it or pushed hard enough.


Make sense?

This is why mindset is SUCH A BIG DEAL. You perspective of what is available to you is the entire foundation of your success and happiness level.

This is so simple, so basic yes?
Yes we humans have a fkr of a time with it lol.

We won’t let ourselves go here… we simply hyper focus on what currently is.

BUT I AM STRESSED, broke, angry, tired… etc., etc.

We look and look at what is and think that is all that is possible. We look at others struggling and focus on how true it is that lack is real and that this IS in fact hard.
Making $ is hard
Being happy is hard
Life is hard.

We stay in this mindset and strive relentlessly to change the outcome.. but doesn’t it make sense to you that it would work this way?

A woman who believes her husband is cheating (when he’s not) will never be able to magically thrive in love. She would first have to work through her fears of his infidelity.

You can’t negative your way to positive.
It simply doesn’t work.

You strive to “create” something that already exists.. Abundance.

The work is to learn to focus on what you are CREATING & BECOMING. To KNOW your calling, listen to your instincts and prompts, back your dreams and KNOW it’s yours, despite what current circumstances look like… what others say or what “seems” possible.

I do the impossible every single day of my life.
This is what VISIONARIES do.
This is what it is to change the world.

What currently is, cannot matter. The past and present are NOT evidence of what is possible for you or others.

Others won’t get it and don’t need to.
THIS IS YOUR CALLING.. not theirs.

The work is to learn to HOLD YOUR VISION of what is possible.. rather than slip into fear about what is or could be “if”..

Rather than listening to the naysayers.
Rather than believing limitations, guilt, and rules placed on you.

Focus on where you want to go rather than your fears. (I know you have heard this 100 times, but maybe just maybe… this time you will HEAR it. If you aren’t doing it.. you haven’t HEARD it) 

This is the true work that so few will every do, and this is why only 1% of entrepreneurs every make it to the top. (Up until now.. I am quite hell-bent on changing this )

Love you
Time to say yes to your dreams
mandy xx



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