HOW TO NOT WASTE TONS OF TIME WHILE YOU BUILD SUCCESS in all areas of your life ❤ - Mandy Perry

When I began this business.. my vision was 100% clear – create financial security for my kids. PERIOD. I was like a dog with a bone.

Then it was to take care of my kids and be able to take care of my mom and dad when they retire too.

Then as I began to relax a little around surviving – and began to be open to what thriving would look like.. I wanted to travel & experience other cultures.

I hired cleaners to come 2x a month. I hired my first assistant in the business to free up some of the tedious tasks so I could focus on my clients in the business more.

I wanted to help other poor women learn to breakout of the struggle so badly.
I wanted to help new coaches break through the fear of being seen & successful and over-complicating the business.

Then I wanted to take my family on vacations with me as I began to feel safe traveling the world. I wanted to take my dad to HI.

Then I wanted to start having a LOT more time for self-care.. massages, facials.. maybe even time to shower and do my makeup each day lol

Then I got burned out teaching the new coaches the same things over and over and started teaching successful coaches how to scale and ENJOY the process.

Then I wanted to move somewhere warm to get the kids out of the long cold winters.. I knew the reason they were sick all the time was the tough winters. And I got season depression. I wanted a beautiful home in the tropics.

Then I wanted my first Chanel bag, high-end looks type things like – micro-blading, and to lose weight.

Then I wanted my love life to look a lot different.

Then I felt like I was thriving massively, wildly successful, and coaching high-end entrepreneurs.. had learned how to thrive, kicked the habit of rescuing and over giving.. and the vision began to change again.

I was once again focused on the needs of the world.. but this time from a position of TRUE EMPOWERMENT and soul guidance.

At every shift and new level it has felt like it couldn’t possibly get even better.. and it always just gets better.

No one could have told me THIS IS HOW to have a wildly successful HAPPY life. No one… this was a journey of tuning in, trusting myself, and giving myself real permission to grow.

No one else knows my values, my longings, and my needs. How could they ever have created this path for me?

It was because I followed what I wanted and needed in the moment – no RULES… that I was powerful day-to-day.

It’s because I believed I was worthy and backed that up that I was in a state of overflow so often.. which led to me making powerful moves in my life and business.

I chose where my focus went.
I let myself FEEL all the good feels from this which expanded me.
I took powerful action because I felt expanded.


Love you
Time to raise the standards 
mandy xx



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