If you want to be happy... QUIT BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR THE WAY YOU FEEL ❤️ (this is a huge power move) - Mandy Perry

You feel the way you feel because you are focused on things you DON’T want.

Focusing in them creates thoughts about them… thoughts create feelings.

Your business isn’t slow because of a mentor, you kids or lack of $ to invest…

You know plenty of shit to be doing.. you are just procrastinating on them using the excuse of “I am confused” or “this is too hard”. #human

You are freaking out about money because you have a bad habit of freaking out about $.

You are angry at him because you are angry inside and haven’t done the work you know to do to release the anger.

You aren’t spending enough time with you kids because you are too fkg ADHD to sit still and be present because of your habit of freaking out about it all. ?

You keep getting sick because you don’t rest when your body requires it… because you start freaking out about what that means.

None of this is out of your control.
None of this is someone else’s fault.
No one is going to come do the work for you.

You want to crush life?? STOP blaming everyone and everything else.

Stop giving all of your power away.
Stop beating yourself up.
Stop looking for a reason to bitch about things or pretend it’s hard.
Stop acting like you made the wrong decisions or someone else didn’t show up and that’s why you are struggling.
It’s BS and deep down you know it.

This is a natural part of the journey.
EVERY SINGLE PERSON AHEAD OF YOU has to hear this on the daily too.

No one is immune from human conditions… but… the difference between the successful ones and the non successful ones.. is WE WANT TO HEAR IT… WE KNOW WE NEED TO HEAR IT… we heed it and then back it up with aligned actions.

We don’t get offended and blame other people.. try to go back and rewrite things.

We don’t wait on other people to make things right or fix it.

We don’t look for things to call out or hold in all the emotions.

We don’t act like we’re not allowed to make mistakes.. you will fk it all up.. and IT WON’T MATTER

CRY, scream, punch your pillow
Surrender to the process
Feel the guilt anger shame rage… fear… and let it be present with you, until it isn’t.

It’s JUST a feeling.
It doesn’t mean anything.

It’s just trapped things leaking out. LET THEM OUT.
No judging.
No controlling
No giving it a time limit.

When you resist the way you feel and you look for someone to blame… you only make the shitty feeling linger and become more and more a part of who you are.

#enoughisenough #takeyourpowerback #savvyvibes

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love you
mandy xx
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