You’re not going to be found mindlessly engaging where your energy is drained.

You are not going to go to events that do not align with soul.

Every word you speak matters…
Every minute of yours is important…
Every energetic in your life has to be one that CONTRIBUTES…

Because you are ON MISSION. 

You do not have time to squander because you are called to something more than the people around you.

Sometimes that can feel lonely.. it feels like normal people are completely clueless as to WHAT IT TAKES to do what you do… and you are right. They will never get it.

And YOU DON’T NEED THEM TO. We aren’t meant to be HEALED by the people we are here to heal…. healing them heals us.

You don’t need to be better than you are RIGHT NOW
You don’t need to figure it out FASTER.
This isn’t a race it’s LIVING.

You get to enjoy it.
You do get to say NO to anything that isn’t important enough to you.. that’s NOT SELFISH .. it’s WISE.

You get to say no.
You get to do things differently because YOU ARE CALLED TO MORE.

You cannot play by the same rules as the 90%. That is NOT an insult to them.. it’s just FACTS. How can you truly change the world when you play by the rules of the world?


You get to give yourself everything you desire so you can continue to expand and stay in OVERFLOW and dump all your genius overflow into your tribe and your loved ones.

You get to have MORE for YOU because YOU are the one who is showing up and doing all the work and WHEN YOU FEEL GOOD YOU DO GOOD.

It’s simply time for you to admit what you ACTUALLY need to ALWAYS be in a state of overflow.

What support
What mentors
What space
What people
What Tribe
What events
What environment

Literally ALL of it.
You get to shift and have ALL of it how you need to do your important work.


love you
mandy xx

PS: If you have been considering doing life with me as a 1:1 client I have a couple of spots open right now.

I am here to do close work to support the Leaders who have the habit of denying themselves what they need to truly 10x their life and business.

Absorb so damn fast that they get buzz brain and don’t show up for their clients in the most powerful way they would like.

Get stuck in their #geniushead trying to somehow make the content they do reflect their true genius.. getting stuck on trivial things and wasting time stuck in that wonderous brain of yours.

Have an inkling that maybe you come off too strong and don’t sign people at the rate you want.. or opposingly.. sign people and then waver on boundaries because you’re too nice.. so clients don’t get the results.

Sick of wasting time.

Feel like no one really sees how genius you are and are deciding you get to have a tribe of people rooting for you and that GET you, get what it takes and.. also get what fkg off looks like. A place where you cannot spin your BS.

My gift is to be able to see you, see your genius, call you to it, and call you out in a way that motivates you and brings clarity.

You will not get away with shit, and you will always know how fkg amazing you are. #ruthlesscompassion

You already know what you are doing.
You will make it with or without my support.

This is for the person who just wants to accelerate it all ( your results, your clients results, the tribe feel etc) and ENJOY the process more… simply because you are that level of BADASS and you are ready to 10x it all.

PM me for details
love you