I see WAY too many coaches holding back scaling their company, message, audience, and price point… So if you feel like you KNOW damn well you are called to more.. called to mentor REVOLUTIONARY leaders and badasses… yet you are feeling bad or scared to charge daily as one… this is for you.

You have massive INTEGRITY and amazing VALUES. This is a good thing. It’s exactly why you are struggling.

You LOVE so big that you will SHOW UP and do what NO ONE else around you will do.. you will BECOME THE BEST, THE SMARTEST, THE FASTEST… THE VERY TOP OF YOUR FIELD… just to help them. RELENTLESSLY staying with it UNTIL you breakthrough.

You are driven by impact.
You have always known that you are different. Cut from a different cloth. Made for great things. It’s been a nagging in your gut for as long as you can remember…

– You speak truth. Live in integrity. Blunt. Raw. Vulnerable.
– You are determined as hell. You simply never ever quit.

You never give up. You ALWAYS SHOW UP. You always get it done.

And… because you are so powerful…it sometimes feels like a burden.
Like you should be smart enough to save them all. Help them all.

… but deep inside you know that you cant stop to save everyone on your journey to greatness.

This is your daily struggle. Your daily burden.
You live with the sadness of watching others not choose the joy, freedom, and success you do.

You live with the tension of SELLING, thriving, being High End..

Without proper Mentors and TRIBE you tend to isolate and protect your heart.
You tend to lower your prices below what you’re REALLY worth (ya.. the BIG numbers)
And you over give your time, energy, & resources.

The work is to have you showing up DAILY selling High End.. and having it be in INTEGRITY and ALIGNMENT with your VALUES.

Lucky for us.. this is an easy fix:
1. You are being a bit frantic. You know it… which is why you are a bit hesitant to own your role as the HIGH END leader that you are.

FIX: Get crystal clear on all things involving your COMPANY, YOU and your PRODUCTS.
Learn how to use this in your FB Lives, your sales pages, email and blog posts.

As you feel the sense of cohesiveness and clarity on exactly who you serve and how you serve them.. you will feel in INTEGRITY & your VALUES will feel in alignment with your High End offers & lifestyle.

This doesn’t have to be difficult. I have showed hundreds of coaches how to do this.

2. You aren’t showing up for your clients/audience the way you would like. Creating the EXPERIENCE you long for them to have.
EXAMPLE: You feel like you are selling to them constantly.. vs feeling like you are just always pouring out massive value while being the High End choice for them to shop with.

FIX: Learn the ART of Selling. True selling is a GIFT to the world. When I am 95 and look back at my life.. I will be VERY proud of all the value I have to my TRIBE in my daily selling.

It’s done in three phases and requires you to master different skills in the business (Unless you have a CEO, COO, etc) Most of you are a one woman/man show with a team doing tasks (or not even yet). THIS IS A MUST!

Learn the 3 phases LIKE A PROFESSIONAL sales guru so that you can wake you audience up as you sell. You will create a TRIBE feel. You will create the shopping experience that you long to have so that you audience LOVES paying you… thanks you for paying you and you always have sales pouring in.

Your values don’t need to change.. you can use them to FUEL YOU.

Mastering SALES from the HEART just wasn’t on your radar until now. When you master the very thing DRIVING your entire company.. double, triple, 100x your results. PERIOD.


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love you
mandy xx

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When you began you just wanted to help people.

Then you wanted to help MORE people, and make amazing income.

Then you wanted to SCALE, on massive levels and you have trouble letting go of what you know works to do something new because you don’t want to throw away all of your HARD WORK, and the amazing success you’ve created.

You see other High End entrepreneurs making $20, $50k $80k on line monthly and you know you are ready for it.. but having trouble making the leap.

THIS PROGRAM IS ABOUT YOU BECOMING THE PERSON WHO SELLS with all your heart and soul.. and creates the most amazing experience for your shoppers.

IT HAS TAKEN EVERYTHING you have to become who you are today .. and you want more. You are capable of more.

Going for more DOES NOT have to discredit what you have already done.. WE will BUILD on the foundation you already have, or create a stronger foundation for you to build on.

Selling changes the world, you already know this.. now we are taking it to the next level.


It was your fierceness and strength … your LOVE of others and wanting to help that got you this far..

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