There is no other field quite like the entrepreneur field.
Coaches building an empire.
Singers/ songwriters/ songwriters becoming Million sales artists
Product based businesses changing lives and the economy
Badass trainers

Everyone of these IS a coach, an artist, a trainer etc..

And there has genuinely never been time like this to be an entrepreneur… ever.


People think.. this field is so saturated.. what is going to make me truly stand out..?

What is going to make me different?
What is the NEW thing I am doing that is unique to me?

Here’s the *exhale* answer for this.

>> There are a WHOLE LOT OF AMATEURS out there. <<

Like.. a lot.
This isn’t a bad thing.. this is a BENEFIT to you.
They all make you look good… lol…. and I don’t mean this derogatory.. I am just talking real talk.

There is a MASSIVE shortage of entrepreneurs that actually put both feet in.

Want the secret to making it to the top 1%?

That’s what no one else is doing.

They’re all waiting until they are ready. But.. they are mistakenly not realizing that THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

Brave. Bold. Moves. NOW.
That’s what is required.

SO how does this translate to controlling your own income?

1. Massive shortage of people going ALL IN.
2. Shortage means OPPORTUNITY
3. Top of the field is able to set they price and time to whatever the hell they want.
4. There is NO SHORTAGE OF WEALTH!!! None. More millionaires are created every year… to the tune of about 1,700 millionaires being made each day, and estimated that there will be another 3.1 million millionaires created by 2020.

Why are you missing out on this.
I’m deadly serious.

If little ol’ me can do this YOU CAN DO THIS.

Not only do you need to get in on this NOW… but BEING ART OF THIS IS AMAZING.

You are CHANGIng the world… the economy..
Changing the way people learn.
Make $
Show up in life
Believe is available…

You control your income because you decided you were going to be the BEST IN THE WORLD.. and you were going to learn from the best in the world.

THEN YOU backed it up with massive brave action.
Then you decided how much you would launch, sell, show up daily..
How much LOVE you would pour into your people.
How much you are willing to DO to have the life you want.

The more successful you get the EASIER life is. THE LESS YOU DO.
thus.. the more you are ABLE to do.

Today could change the rest of your fkg life. I see thousands of people do it every week.

Today could be the day you decide you are 100% IN.
Not sort of. Not in a way that feel comfortable..

Completely devoted.
Locked in… invested in a way you CAN’T turn back from.

You have the control…
It IS yours for the taking.
It’s just up to you WHEN you want your dream life.

(We know the truth when we hear it )

Love you
mandy xx

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