Did I eat well yesterday?
Did I work out?
What day is today….
What do the kids have going on.

Bailey is with her dad.. that’s right.
She has play after school.
Cal is traveling home to see his friends this weekend.. he’s behind in his classes.

I need to email his guidance to check in for his Sr classes.

I wonder if he signed the divorce papers yet.
His lawyer is taking foreverrrrr

Oh ya, the AC guy is coming today.
I have to go open all the windows to cool the house off before it get’s hot.

Laundry got left in washer last night… rewash it.
Scoop the kitty litter.

Something is wrong with the Cat.
She meows all day and that shit ain’t normal.
I need to book a vet appointment.

That reminds me… I need to get my mammogram results.. and Calvin needs his blood drawn for his physical for baseball…
oh right.. I need to rebook his physical because the Dr had an emergency and canceled.

Which reminds me.. Bailey needs an ortho appointment.
I need to call the Ins and get the new dental coverage.

I got the new ins.. found a new Dr.. thank God that’s done.. k.. get dental.. set up auto pay.. right… find Chiro for Calvins scoliosis.

** writes the list of all the things**

we’re out of eggs.. need to get eggs and snacks for Bailey’s after school.. she has testing all day today and she has been getting wicked stomach aches. oyy. Need to be really careful with snacks.

Need to remind her dad not to give her junk for breakfast so she gets through the day without going to nurse.

Shizzz.. Dad’s trying to get his house done.. I need to call Boe and ask if he can make a trip down there to help. I can’t leave Calvin alone..

right.. Calvin alone.. I need to text Christine and let her know I can’t make the wedding because Cal would be home alone on Mothers day.

Make sure to order the gift and send mandyyyy
Shit.. gifts… Bailey needs to send thank you cards for her birthday.

DING – the AC guy is here.
Oh I need a new unit because mines 16 years old? Oh it’s $8k?
got it. lol

Shit — the dishwasher has been being funny – it doesn’t wash the dishes all the way in the rinse cycle. Who do I call fo that… right.. Baileys closet door broke… I wonder if there is a closet dishwasher expert lol

OK ok… get Cal to school.
OMG!!! I’m launching the new Wealthy & Happy Experience today!! WOOHOOO!!!!

Mandy… you need to work out before you work… your body needs the movement. GO WORK OUT.

**sits down to journal with coffee**

Susan needs sales copy edits
Oh! The contest for the logo is over today – I need to give feedback before the time ends.

Shit.. time.. I want to send Stefani a pregnant gift for her 2nd trimester… need to send now before I forget.

Oh… what’s this notification… something derogatory hit my credit report… that’s fun. Oh it’s XXX person. That’s even more fun. Shady people still sometimes get away with things… Isn’t there a book called why bad things happen to good people.. I should totally read that, I bet it’s epic.

Right… the Financial Advisors assistant needs that paperwork signed. That has to be done before the 15th.

Email back Calvins guidance
Email back Calvins teacher
Email back Baileys Dance teacher
Email back the FA
the new hire
the logo people
the lawyer

Message back the team, the other new hire.. oh snap.. Heather.. she needs the log in password.

I wonder how Mom is.. I don’t even know where she is. I should send her some coffee. She’s prob out by now. I wonder how her knee is.

I think she said she’s coming here in June.. yes.. it must be because the babies are due in July.

I need to book a flight and Air bnb for July.
I have to check w Craig about his schedule w Bailey.

Booking.. right… need to book event for Diamond mastermind. We got the date – now the venue. I want to love the shit out of them so I need to find somewhere awesome.

Oh.. I need to order a calendar for Bailey so she can see her schedule.. Dr said this would help with her ADHD. Craig thinks we should use her 504 I don’t.. she’s way smarter than she lets on and has him a bit fooled… little fkg mini me shining her bright self everywhere.

I need to email her teacher to see what she thinks.. oh .. oil change. right. oil change.

I should go do that, wash the car real quick and then maybe fill the propane tanks.. they’re all empty.

What time are my trainings today?? oh.. I have a facial tonight.
I need to make sure I spend quality time with Calvin. He seems like he’s missing his friends from back home lately.

I hope his scripts are working right. I hope I made the right decision.
I wish he had a father that showed him how to be a man. I can’t teach him to be a man. How do I REALLY know he’s ok. Really ok?

I need to take him to practice driving more, he gets his license when?? 4 months! fak.
ok .. on it.

What’s on the work doc today?
1:1 clients at 11
diamond training at 12
sales training at 1

I think I’ve decided to go a different way in my business.
I see that I am different. This has really been on my radar lately. YOU NEED TO MAKE A DECISION MANDY…

I don’t care about all the expensive fancy things as much as others… I could use that to my advantage and use my extra $ to advance my business and reach more people.

I need to send a message to X person to let them know I no longer align with that. Enough is enough. Decision time.

fak.. am I sure.. am I making a power move or am I just easing off the pedal..

I am CLEAR MINDED, focused and decisive. I always know.. the answer is… ***breathe….. ****

release it.
I know where I am headed and it feels fkg epic.

.. where’s my list??

Got it.
ok!!! got it! woohoo!!!!
Let’s do this!!

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