You know that feeling… when you are stupid giddy in love… and its like every cell of your entire being is tuned in… feels the white hot waves of want..
The satisfaction and pleasure you feel when you are close.

The knowing you are wanted as much as you want them.
Feeling the WHOLE world disappear…

The way your brain is always a bit on him and sensing him even when you are out with the girls doing life?

The way you feel like the whole world is good and nothing bad can happen.

The weird flash that goes through your belly when your phone buzzes and it’s him..

The stupidly wild you… that only sees the good and the positive and the potential…

Riding every high.. and giving yourself to him completely in your mind body and soul…?


and the best part?
I’m not joking.

What do you think your business would be like if you LITERALLY spent NO TIME worrying about what was going to happen.

You never questioned if you might fail.
Never back tracked a brilliant plan
Never let a genius idea slip off into the abyss.

If you showed up in all your glory and just gave yourself completely to it SIMPLY FOR THE LOVE OF IT..

If the $ didn’t matter.. you know you’d get it in truck loads.
What people think of you didn’t matter – you know your damn worth.

The invested time and $ didn’t matter…. you are just swirling in the energy of it all and this is the life you always dreamed of. (When you go away to the mountains and rent a huge log cabin and have wild amazing sex all day.. the very last thing you are thinking is… what if this doesn’t get a return on my investment.. what if this doesn’t work??)

You feel me?

We are so successful in our life because we LOVE our people. BIG.

We wake up and focus on how to help just one more person.
We love BIG of the person right in front of us..
We SEE them
Hear them
KNOW them
Be present with them

We LOVE them.
Truly love them and it shows.

This is the way we do business.
There is no other way I would ever ever do it.

I have felt the tension of doing it for the sake of having a successful business… doing it for the sense of I DID IT.. and yes.. those weave in and there’s nothing wrong wit them..


What if today there is no room for fear, doubt, hesitation or playing small.

What if today you simply let yourself SEE your people and LOVE THEM
Fkg LOVE them.

What if your business was nothing more than an extension of HOW MUCH you love people and a platform to help.

A moment to call them to more and reflect back to them how incredible they are.

What if the rest would ALL FALL into place?
What might you FEEL today about doing this journey?

What ONE BOLD move would you do today?

WHAT would you say YES to?

It is you. It was ALWAYS YOU.

Mandy xx

Ready to do life together – build an unbreakable foundation & slay life together with me and the tribe?

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– Do you feel anxious about out growing everyone around you?

– Do you always get the job done.. But feel like it’s missing a level of intentionality that you know would 10x the results?

– You know you are the smartest person in the room but know so much that you get overwhelmed and confused on how to implement all that you have learned?

– Are you feeling on the verge of breakthrough but not quite getting there?

– Do you feel called to greatness but feel frustrated with how you show up… STILL?

– Do you wish you were surrounded by people cheering you on that ACTUALLY GET how hard you have worked and STILL work to make this happen?

You are the one in a million who shows up ENDLESSLY and RELENTLESSLY to make your dreams happen. You are the one who gets the job done. The one who keeps it all together.

It was only 3 short years ago that I began my business from the ground. (Literally, I was a nanny for 10 years before that)

I struggled with living to my potential. I used to daydream about what life would be like if I showed up in my A game 12 hours a day, 7 days a week… feeling like that was so impossible. Laughable.

I had always known I was meant for MORE.
I had always known there was something different about me.

I simply decided IT WAS TIME.
I began to back myself. Back my dreams.
I backed it with my time, my energy and my MONEY.

I knew I would be successful once I put both feet in… but I never dreamed it would be ON TRACK FOR 7 FIGURES 3 years into my business.
Now it is MY HONOR to share all of the wisdom, skills, strategies, mindsets and transformational beliefs down to you.

I hold a POWERFUL space for POWERFUL people.
We do life together. We support each other and celebrate each other.

The UNSHAKABLE Leader Tribe believes in INTEGRITY & IMPACT and we are here to LEAD and SERVE the world.

World Healers
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This program is for the leaders who get that FUNDAMENTALS ARE EVERYTHING. When you scale, you take the basics and do them BETTER.

She is the woman who is always growing to the next level.. going to the edge of her MINDSET, the edge of her DISCIPLINE, the edge of her ABILITIES… and developing the SKILLS needed to live out her purpose in this world.

She’s PERMISSION for the rest of the world to thrive.

She shows up every single day AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN… and walks the walk & leads the world with the wisdom of what she has mastered.

She’s been striving her whole life just waiting for her moment of INFLUENCE to leave true IMPACT in this world.

She’s felt a fire in her soul that has always told her… she is meant for more. She is destined for great things and great impact… although she may often question if this can be fully trusted.

Yet she FEELS:

She’s been knocked down 1000 times, and still she rises.

She heals her own pain, and then tends to those around her as she feels herself every strengthening.

There are NO LIMITS to her abilities

She knows her worth.
She knows the value she brings.

We believe you CAN and you WILL make it to the 1%… and we HOLD YOU AS ABLE.

We see what is AVAILABLE for you and we will rally around you to get you there.

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Love you!!❤️❤️