SHE WAKES UP... - Mandy Perry

giddy to check her FB because she cant even wait to see how much love is being poured out..

She knows she could probably meditate or something… but she’s just TOO excited )

She’s found this new tribe of people who GIVE VALUE… actually give value…

They get her..
They celebrate her
They CHALLENGE her and don’t buy into her BS lol

They share their real life with her
They let her being all she is to the table.. ALL of her is welcomed… her deepest dark side.. and her biggest BRIGHT side.

She wonders how she ever even did life without this before.

She had forgotten what it felt like to be LOVED.
Supported. HELPED. Cheered for. Protected. SEEN. heard.

She truly belonged here.
She had never really felt like she belonged.

She was always reaching for them stars.. and everyone was always telling her it was silly. She was silly.

But for the first time… she was supported EVERY SINGLE DAY of her life.

For the first time she had SPACE TO GROW in a container that could handle her.. and not just handle her but SHE was oxygen. She was the same. She BELONGED.

She belonged JUST AS SHE IS. in all her mess and glory.
and it felt DAMN GOOD.

For a long time she thought she would just outgrow everyone and be alone.

She had held herself back wondering if anyone could ever handle all of her. Wondering if anyone would ever really truly ROOT FOR HER EPIC SUCCESS.

Not anymore.
Just like that… she found HOME.. and she felt unstoppable.

Nothing could hold her back.
She wasn’t alone in her power anymore.
Her power was safe now.
She was safe. She was free to GO ALL IN and heal the whole damn world.

She had never felt so LIT UP. SO Inspired and so POWERFUL.

#asitshouldbe #tribelife #thehappywealthyexperience

Love you.
Program begins April 15th!