THE MOST POWERFUL SKILL I’VE EVER LEARNED that up levels every area of my life... - Mandy Perry

Sharing your soul is the ultimate connection… by a landslide.. ya? You agree?

I mean when we aren’t sharing our soul with people we are dying, and it feels like dying.

For people like you, the most powerful people on earth.. it can feel impossible to find people to do life with that are on the same wavelength.

The moments when all the extra words aren’t needed and when you do talk.. it’s simply confirmation that the connection is real.


There is a VIBE that is not physical.
Chemistry. Soul alignment… who really knows. We like to try to name these things.

But it is the essence of who we are.
All that we are… all we have journeyed through to get here.

We just instantly know when we vibe. WE KNOW.
It doesn’t take years to get to know them.. we just know.

Over time we learn their quirks and behaviors.. but we already KNEW THEM.

This is how I have built such an amazing tribe of POWERFUL people.

I am humbled by the level of intimacy shared.
Greatest moments of their life
Worst, most painful moments
Scariest fears
Dreams we have barely admitted to ourselves

We find each other and we share.. and as we do we DO LIFE TOGETHER as friends.. as a tribe.

Our Journey


But here’s the thing… The high of being in a soul connection is intense, it requires stamina a bit and it requires emotional intelligence… but that can be learned.

What can’t be learned is the BRAVERY it takes to be the one who shares your soul without PROOF that the other will embrace you as you are.

Recently I have come to understand this to a whole new level.

It began with embracing my dream of truly changing the world
The releasing of a marriage that did not work.
Releasing friendships that did not align anymore.
Stumbling my way through learning how to be COMFORTABLE with receiving – so I hired people who showed up for me.

This opened space for new things.

A wide open space for something new sounds good in theory.. but #AMEN if you have done the work to get there and then said.. HOLY SH**.. this is terrifying ??

Like… Here I am standing in this empty world naked. NOW WHAT. hahahahahahah

It takes MASSIVE courage to be the vulnerable… yet you have been showing up to this challenge one step at a time.

It’s damn scary.

New friendships – what if I am the fkd up annoying one? lol

New Team – What if I show up messy and disappoint them or can’t make it happen and let them down?

New Clients – What if I can’t help them the way I want to?

New Love – What if I get trapped again? What if I hurt them? What if I get rejected?

New Mentor – What if I don’t show up powerful?

On and on it goes…
Yet…. there is simply nothing like soul connection.

Do you know what is happening when you push them all away??

You are literally starving your soul and that’s why it’s painful.

It’s not necessary.
Here’s what I recommend… GO FOR IT ALL. lol

All of the most epic friends, mentors, and a tribe of epic people who cheer you on and do life with you.

Hire the best of the best and watch how good and shocking it feels to be supported so amazingly.

Let yourself go with a man who makes you feel safe, sexy and valued.

What’s the worst thing that is going to happen??

STAY WITH ME HERE… This is the value….

You might cry.
You might feel messy or silly for a moment.
You might say or do something that is embarrassing.

all 3.

YOU>>> ARE>>>> YOU>>>>

You will LEARN from it.
You will season from it.
You will STRENGTHEN from it
You will become savvy..
Emotionally stronger
More experienced

and more importantly .. you will enjoy deep meaningful expansive wild moments of soul connection.

Some will stay forever.. most will be there for a season and you will part ways.

But you will GROW rapidly.

We have this notion that the messy HOLDS US BACK.. but deep inside we know its BS. We are just scared to be messy.

Your choice. You want to let your soul starve you get to.

But you also get to ride the wild exciting liberating roller coaster of connection if you want to.

You will be fine. I promise. 

Love youuuu
Mandy xx
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