This is the most intense thing that has ever happened in my journey- and I do believe it will instantly heal you just a little bit more 

I didn’t really realize you could KNOW that you are ready to RECEIVE LOVE…

But you can.

Now that I am I can clearly KNOW that I am..
I’m ready to RECEIVE.
To be taken care of.
To a level that both terrifies and WILDLY excites me

I cried.. and cried… and tried to understand what was happening.
What was this feeling.. I had never felt it before.

All I knew was it felt like something was melting inside of me.
It felt like…
all the times a man had let me down..
all the times I had been hurt

The left over residue still clinging- that I was not worthy to be REALLY treated well..

The stuck feelings of self protection
The many many scars on my heart
The pain that resided in my gut sitting right on top of the fear that I wont be able to protect myself…

The YEARS and YEARS of holding my breath .. hoping I could do what it took to protect me and my kids..

It was just melting..

I felt like there was a sunrise awakening in my gut where the armor had once stood so firm.

For DAYS I have been just feeling this melt.. this awakening and pieces just keep falling off, and being replaced with this SPACE.

I just keep crying over and over when these tender moments that have happened recently pop into my head. I cry as I type these words… the word tender.. has been so very unfamiliar.

I finally started to put my finger on what was happening.

First it was this overwhelming sense of “I DID IT. I REALLY FKG DID IT.” I got OUT of the dysfunction and unhealthy dynamics… I walked away. I BACKED myself.. and I really fkg made it here… to moments of tenderness.

…and I just bawled.. letting the years wash away the incredibly tough past and all the beliefs that went with it..

Then I had a second epiphany… I didn’t do it… WE DID.
God and I.

I knew so clearly he had been with me this whole way… from the little broken girl.. to the grow broken woman.. HE KNEW THIS JOURNEY ALL ALONG… he always knew I’d be here this day putting it all together.. melting right into his big, capable arms.

I just sobbed more… let myself feel what tenderness feels like.
Let myself feel what SAFE felt like.
Let myself feel what TAKEN care of is
Let myself feel what RECEIVING – just because – feels like..

…and I danced and danced around my house with the music pouring into my soul and the pain melting off – me and God.

…and I stopped… raised my arms wide open – completely naked, mind, body and soul and said…

“Ok God… I’m finally ready and able to take in all you have for me. I’m ready for MORE LOVE. More being loved. More epic, amazing, HUGE LOVE.”

And do you know what happened?
Someone loved on me.

I grinned…. “God… I’m ready for EVEN MORE LOVE. More being loved. More epic amazing HUGE LOVE.”

And more love came.
I said it again… and again… and again…

And more and more love keeps coming.

Clients show up from no where and purchase – I RECEIVE GOD TY…I’m ready for even more love.

Family randomly reaches out saying come visit – we miss you – I RECEIVE GOD – TY..I’m ready for even more love.

Men are kind and sweet and even epic in my life – TY GOD I RECEIVE.. I’m ready for even more love.

My team blows me away with their level of support in the business – TY GOD I RECEIVE.. I’m ready for even more love.

My children walk in and hug me for no reason..TY GOD I RECEIVE.. I’m ready for even more love.

My girlfriends go deeper with me in life.

This is what it feels like to truly be ready to BE LOVED.




I love you.

I hope this helps melt a little of the pain you have been through… and I trust God will help it get to all who were meant to hear it 

? #together
Mandy xx
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