You were always going to make it.. it was ALWAYS you.

Yes, you are as brilliant as it feels like you are.
YES, you are as strong as you feel.
YES, you are as messy as you feel.
NO… that never mattered, never will.

We are ALL messy.
We all wonder if we are good enough for our dreams to happen.
We ALL Laugh, cry and get angry the same.

We all dread being embarrassed.
We all hate when someone is mad at us.

We all LONG for deeper connection.
We all feel the sting of loneliness

We all throw temper tantrums on the inside.. sometimes on the outside lol

We all have good intentions and we all react to things in ways we wish we didn’t..

and… we all question if we will ever truly rise to the ranks of the greats. WILL. WE. MAKE. IT? CAN. WE. REALLY. DO. THIS?

This also means… every single person who has truly left a legacy on this planet has FELT THE EXACT SAME… they just didn’t use it as an excuse not to go All in. All out.

Every single moment of each day you could choose these as though they were your dark hole alone to fall into… but it is everyone’s dark hole.

You have what it takes.
You really do… but you are going to have to decide.

Everyone else who has ever made it has the exact same excuses they can choose every day.


We want wild success, freedom and joy… but want to be able to CONTROL AND PREDICT more which leads to feeling isolated, disconnected, alone, unworthy, separate from others, and unloved.

We long for freedom, joy, happiness, deep connection, soul expansion, wisdom, transformation, evolution….

But convince ourselves we can have it while waiting and needing proof it will work before we leap our beautiful assess off the cliff.


You will feel raw, exposed, nervous, unsure.
You will actually never ever feel 100% sure that you are doing the right thing.

THE WORK is to LEAP anyways.
The work is to become the person it took to be brave enough to BACK YOUR DREAMS.


The only difference between those at the top and you is they decided not to use the excuses to avoid being uncomfortable as they launched themselves off the cliff.

And… you have already learned how to leap.
You’ve done it 100 times.
Now we are just turning up the volume.

You got this.
You always did.
You are fkg incredible and it’s time.

I love you.
LOVE LOVE youuu.
Mandy xx

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