I was sitting here – in the lobby of the ritz, no make up and oil all over and in my hair from my massage, having a glass of wine and some Poke and I thought…

I don’t tell the whole truth.
I thought I did.. but I don’t.

I share how incredible life is on this side of the brave action.
I share how hard the decisions were to leap before I had proof.
I share a lot.
I thought I shared it all… but I DON’T.

I haven’t told you how many rules I had to break to get here.
I haven’t told you how many times I had to TEST boundaries to see where my OWN true boundary was.

I haven’t told you how DIFFERENTLY I believe than EVERYONE around me… and it’s not my beliefs that make me so happy & successful exactly… it’s the level to which I tell MYSELF the truth.. even the scary ones… and then BACK THEM.

The unliked ones.
The unpopular ones.
The ones that make me target of judgement.
YET… The very ones that bring me SO MUCH freedom, wealth & joy.

Like… I don’t believe in hell.
Like… experiences are not a sin.
Like… a $40k month is annoying and unacceptable.

Like… WHATEVER ACTUALLY WORKS.. means whatever actually works – no rules except it stay within MY INTEGRITY (not someone else’s)

Like… the standard is, EVERYONE GETS TO BE HAPPY. So if someone isn’t thriving, we turn the world upside right… if that means divorce.. then that is exactly what it means.

Like.. I get to experience things in order to learn. There is no figuring it out.. there is experiencing it out. Which means.. experiencing ANYTHING I feel confused or unsure about.

Like… THERE ARE NO RULES. really and truly.. NO RULES. No right and wrong standard… only what I know is right and wrong for ME and MY calling.

Like.. the more things I do that FEEL good.. the better I feel thus the better I DO.. so the most UNSELFISH thing I could do is take really good care of me. WE ALL WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD. It takes a mature soul to take care of herself first to strengthen enough to be a strong helping hand to others.

Like… I believe it’s ok for my kids to see and know I am dating and frolicking the planet with girlfriends… that I am investing in myself and my vision.. as this will teach them to do the same. TO BE HAPPY, and fulfilled.

Like… I don’t believe in saving for a rainy day. I believe in going ALL IN TODAY so you expand the most for tomorrow. Nothing else could ever make me as strong as this.

Like… I believe that I can set ANY BOUNDARY that makes me feel happy and expansive.. including, not going to ANYTHING or saying yes to anything that doesn’t feel good.

Like… I believe that I can spend ALL my time on my business… ALL my time with my clients.. ALL my time with my kids… ALL my time dating and flirting and texting and … it all just works. There is no boundary.. I am just being me everywhere.

Like.. it REALLY honestly is POSSIBLE for ANYONE to have this life.. I think its BS to think there is some elite group that was born for this.. if you want it YOU ARE BORN FOR IT.

Like… I believe in going into debt all the time to create your dream. You spend on what feel expansive, be expanded and enjoy the results of the expansion… it’s quite simple.. just requires some balls.

Like… I feel free to ONLY do life with people who tell the truth, who bring value to the table, and who contribute to me changing the world.

There are so many more but I am yawning and ready to grab my Uber and head home for a blissful sleep.

I love you.
I hope this serves you as it is QUITE vulnerable for me to share, and also feels like massive value to the right people.

CHEERS to us.
I love you
Mandy xx



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I love you!

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