YOU GET TO HAVE IT ALL... and I have never MEANT anything MORE my whole life. ❤️? - Mandy Perry

I was talking to a private client yesterday and we were going over how epic her life is except for this one particular thing.

This is such a common thing I see and have done myself many times… we will leave ONE area out of wack so it doesn’t all feel too amazing.

Health, love, fun, family are all thriving… we will struggle with money.

Money, health, family are all good… we will struggle to receive love.

Money, family, love all good… we will get sick often.

ANOTHER MINUTE does this have to be this way.

You are allowed to have THE PERFECT LIFE.

You are allowed to have WORLD CHANGING LOVE… and I do mean world changing.. as in.. the love is so amazing that it contributes to you showing up as the woman who changes the world.
NO NEED TO SETTLE… there ARE no rules except the ones you feel guided by YOURSELF in YOUR SOUL.

You are allowed to have OVERFLOW.
You do NOT have to give it all away. You do not need to keep spending it all on 100 things to try to unfk yourself. You do NOT need to be so careful with your $. You get to HAVE what you desire. The support, the things, the adventures… Every time you say YES to what you desire and feel called to you will receive back 10x AT LEAST..

You do get to protect your time. IT IS YOURS, no on else’s and when something feels like a soul drain IT IS… trust your instincts. YOU ARE FAR TOO IMPORTANT to have your time wasted. (all that happens is we learn how to set better boundaries and have more powerful conversations as we do this) #savvycommunicator

You are allowed to be as fit, sexy, and full of vitality as you so desire. You are allowed to take ALL the time you need for this to be how you like it.
You are not taking away from your business or family to be as visually appealing as you like. You like all natural looking fit – great! Have it. You like some work done on you to look how you want? Great, have the work done. You like to rock sweats and tanks all day? Great, get the comfiest sweats you ever saw.. hire someone to find you the worlds greatest SWEATS… lol. You like to dress to impress.. great.. have a wardrobe fit for a queen.
THERE ARE NO RULES…. how you like to look DOESN’T DEFINE YOU… it doesn’t mean anything except you were in an abundant state of THRIVING and followed your bliss.

You get to take your family around the world and give them the life you never had.
You get to be a free bird that hurls yourself into every ocean.
You get to take a new love interest to Greece.
You get to have a romantic week away with your husband.

You get to sneak your daughter out of school for a picnic.
You get to celebrate your sons permit at the nicest steak house.

You get to pay off your parents home.
You get to have a fully loaded retirement account so your kids never have to worry about you.

You get to feel so connected to God that your heart just BURSTS with LOVE.

You get to dismiss people who make you feel bad about yourself.
You get to embrace people who make you feel loved.

YOU GET TO HAVE IT ALL… and I have never MEANT anything MORE my whole life.

Want to know how to achieve this?

Its sooooo simple… yet numbers say 1% of people will ever pay attention to this and then back it up.

You decide that YOU are worthy to have the perfect life… you define it.. and you BACK IT UP.

Every day I make decisions that the world shakes it’s head at.
I grin back.

They think we are selfish.
Yet we are HAPPY.

They think we are wreck-less.
Yet we are WEALTHY.

They think we are self-absorbed.
Yet we are in overflow and creating massive healing and impact in the world.

They say these things because they haven’t YET given themselves permission to have the perfect life.

but YOU…. you know better.
You know it is available for you.
You know there is literally NO LIMIT.

You have already come SO DAMN far…. but now it’s time to DREAM BIGGER.

Bigger impact.
Bigger healing.
More money
More JOY
MORE fun
More freedom
More MORE.

Each human that does the work to feel worthy of the perfect life.. CONTRIBUTES to the kind of world where others are allowed to do the same.

The kind of world where thriving is not confused as selfish.
The kind of world where WEALTH is not confused with self absorbed.
The kind of world where JOY is not fleeting.

It’s an HONOR.

and YOU my friend have been called.
It’s time.

Tomorrow never comes.
It’s today.
We decide TODAY to rise.
We DECIDE and TAKE ACTION NOW to begin the momentum of a NEW BIGGER vision.



The bigger the vision the more you will be pulled and the EASIER it all is. It doesn’t get harder as you have more success.. it gets EASIER, more FUN, and more enjoyable.

Love you – you HUGE human you.
Mandy xx




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