It is ok to give up the good to go for the GREAT. ❤️ - Mandy Perry

It’s safe to release the thing that doesn’t fit anymore.
I know it’s scary. But you have handled much scarier many times over.

You are WORTHY of a beautiful, fulfilled, amazing life.
You are worthy of ALL you long for and desire.

You long for them because they belong to you.
A part of you inside knows they belong to you and this is what you are feeling.. like a magnetic pull.

The pain comes from resisting the pull…
From wanting but believing you can’t have it.

It is yours.
The only thing that ever needed to happen was for you to DECIDE it is yours, again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

Please KNOW that you are READY.
You are and have ALWAYS been WORTHY of what you desire.

It’s ok to walk away.
It’s ok to choose EPIC results
Epic life
Epic love
Epic impact
Epic income
Epic fun


You really truly deserve this.
It is yours.
It always was.
It’s safe to believe it’s yours.
It’s safe to take brave leaps to back your dreams ❤️?