What makes a LEADER is the level of standards. Nothing more. ❤️ - Mandy Perry

Looking back on this last year is UNBELIEVABLE.

Just unreal.
I couldn’t have possibly ever guessed this is what it would look like for me to be happy.

If I had control of everything I would never be here LOL

I want to spell this out so people can get a real look behind the curtain.

Packed up kids, let my ex quit his job and join my business so we could move from RI to FL… even though I was terrified it wouldn’t work out and all the weight would fall on me… and it did as the transition was WAY harder than we anticipated.
THE STANDARD: We get to live where we thrive. We ALL needed sunshine.

Purchased my first home – even though it felt like SUFFOCATION for me. It felt like a trap that I was now ball and chain tied to.
THE STANDARD: I get to be financially savvy and have investments, and I get to have a beautiful environment… so do my kids.

Found the courage to ask for a divorce even when I was in a new state and knew no one, and had no family… even when everyone around me believed that was a sin, and I was bad and selfish…
THE STANDARD: everyone gets to be happy, everyone gets to thrive. EVERYONE… NOW.

Took on care of the house I had no idea how to take care of (pool guy, AC broken, House Ins etc etc etc), finding health ins for the kids and I, new schools, new Dr & dentist, and transitioning my entire business to FL. New bookkeeper, new CPA, new laws.
THE STANDARD: I get to live a life where all important things are handled.

Learned FL divorce laws pretty quickly as I was navigating a divorce and the laws… decided to invest in myself and pay 6 months in advance to one of my coaches to ENSURE I had no choice but to show up during this crazy time.
THE STANDARD: the pendulum only swings forward.

Found out my business was wildly unprotected as I hadn’t really paid any attention to this. Threw myself headlong into the world of Financial Advisors and Incorporation laws… all while taking on the home and single mother life after the divorce. Hired a FA and made my first investment ever… while having already invested with a coach and paying out for the divorce settlement.
THE STANDARD: I am a SAVVY business owner.

Jumped into dating – I knew I had SO much to learn as a wealthy single woman – new to being single after being in a relationship for 13 years. Had no clue what I wanted, what I was ok with and not ok with… let myself look like an idiot diving right into the deep end and allowing myself to acclimate.
THE STANDARD: I get to have any and ALL experiences that contribute to my growth and happiness.

Could not figure out how to hire new people that were aligned for the business to save my life. Kept trying and kept failing.. for a YEAR. Finally just jumped right off the deep end and hired 3 new people… DID the OPPOSITE of what felt right as what I was doing wasn’t working.. and now have the most incredible team anyone could dream of.
THE STANDARD: I get to be supported in amazing ways in ALL areas of life.

Kept going with this and hired a house assistant to come and do the things in the house that drained my energy. Worked through the fear of making direct requests – like “Please don’t make noise while working.” and other things that felt uncomfortable.
THE STANDARD: High level communication is a must.

The list continues on and on…

What makes a LEADER is the level of standards.
Nothing more.

Your standards are created by your IDENTITY.
The work is to AWAKEN and calibrate to your true global leadership power.

THIS. IS. THE. WORK that only 1% of people will ever step into.


Love you
Mandy xx


I have never taught something so in depth and powerful until now.

We begin prep work Monday 13th!!!

Our Journey

Day 1
Your Personal VISION & Money Mindset.
We are going to develop a vision that is so deep it propels you through anything life dishes out – while also wiring a powerful WORLD CHANGER money mindset that allows resistance free vision brought to life.
This alone will skyrocket your levels of happiness and RESULTS. You are going to feel and understand how to truly be UNSTOPPABLE.

Day 2
The clear mind & decisive moves of the AWAKENED CEO. How to do this staying in complete integrity so that your nervous system and subconscious are in alignment and backing you up every step of that way. (THIS created HUGE- HUGE- momentum in my business)

Day 3
The Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Energetics of the Awakened CEO. Yes, we are going to receive all the MONEY – but we also are going to grow our humanity, compassion, wholeness, CLARITY and our joy! This is the journey of creating a MEANINGFUL life while we 10x the money.

Day 4
Owning Your Role as a Leader to the Leaders
Embracing your magnetic role to your audience. Understanding the presence, warmth and power in being a magnetic leader. This is what creates a massive following, engaged clients that shout your name from the rooftops and identify YOU as a leader they are proud to have doing life with them as you both create a global impact.

Day 5
Your Business Vision
Creating a magnetic BRAND that will stand the test of time. What does your company stand for? What is the impact you are leaving? How do you market this to get MASSIVE results?

Day 6
CEO Boundaries
You are letting people waste your time, and you are letting things drain your energy. You are far too important to have this kind of leak happening. This week is a journey of having the savvy vision of the AWAKENED CEO, and protecting your zone of genius.

Day 7
The Habits & Schedule of the AWAKENED CEO.
Success leaves clues – how to we balance allowing & receiving with effort & contribution for MAXIMUM SUCCESS?

Day 8
The Roles in a Global Company
We are going to teach you all of the roles in Mandy Perry Inc, their task lists, and how to hire incredible people. (This was a huge struggle for me and I am so excited to hand this down!)

Day 9
Break though FEAR and Excuses and SHOW UP no matter what comes at you. Life will come at you, things will happen… but our work this week is to create a rock in you that will not be moved when you take a hit. You will build a stamina for the ages… and it is not something that can be lost. Once it’s your’s IT’S YOURS.

Day 10
Live Q&A for all the questions that come up and aren’t answered on the daily LIVES & Q&A – This tends to be one of the most powerful days of all in the groups.

The Awakened CEO