YOU ARE ALREADY ALL IN.... - Mandy Perry

This thing called life… it’s an ALL IN game.

It’s going to kill you…
Every single one of us….

You are already all in so why not make it EPIC…

If you had nothing to prove.
If there was no one to rescue.
If you didn’t have to protect anything.
If nothing needed to be FIXED.
If there was nothing to defend…
If you were simply free to express and show up as YOU today… WHO DO YOU CHOOSE TO BE?

Would your dream be clear enough for you to create?
Would your vision be big enough to truly house your genius?

Do your standards back your highest self?

Are you willing to go to the next level today?

Are you willing to stop procrastinating on building your dreams today?

Are you willing to release the old to create room for the new?

Are you ready to dismiss the people who do not even believe in themselves that try to put doubt in you?

Are you ready to LISTEN to the voices telling you how incredible you are… can you receive this?

Are you ready to remember everything you have been through and acknowledge how STRONG you are?

Are you ready to get yourself into the most powerful state you have ever been in?

Are you ready to play the most IMPORTANT role you have ever been called to in your life?

Are you ready to be the happiest human being you know as you leave your legacy on this planet?

Going all in intentional to create your dreams is scary- but being in the same place today a year from now is SCARIER.

Say it with me “No matter what, I will give my ALL today. I will take ONE powerful BRAVE ALL IN action today.”

Love you
Mandy xx

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Clean clear decisive energy

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