Wake up.. feel the sheets on your feet.
Hear the birds chirping outside.

Smell coffee brewing..

You smile as you remember that cheeky conversation with him last night..

You remember how happy and content your kids are, and how they are really learning to navigate the hard times in a powerful way… there’s nothing to fix there.

You remember that you killed it yesterday and brought in $30k .. all while your clients are CRUSHING life and are the happiest, most powerful and savvy they have ever been.

You remember that your clothes are a bit baggy because you are sliding back into sexy a little more each day.

You giggle as you think of how much fun you are having in life… how exciting the trips are that you have coming up.

You could cry tears of joy as you recognize that EVERY SINGLE person around you in your aura begins to thrive… and your clients can’t stop telling you how much they love you… and it just keeps healing all the pieces of you.

There is nothing to fix.
There is nothing to defend.
There is nothing to prove.

You are truly happy… free… safe.. and loved.
Deeply loved.

You turn up toward the ceiling and close your eyes.
You feel the love rushing through your veins… and you say “God… I can handle EVEN MORE LOVE. I am ready for even more abundance. I am open to even more growth. I am SOOO excited to see what your gifts are for me today!!!”

And inside you feel just like a little girl, with the worlds sweetest daddy on Christmas morning.

** You get to have massive wealth. (more, more than that)

** You get to be LOVED.. wildly, openly and with validation.

** You get to be FREE.. free to do the things you love and have the time for your zone of genius (DAILY)

** You get to be SOO FARR GONEEEE into high vibes that you are untouchable by the fear and worry.

** You get to feel safe with your kids and loved ones knowing they truly are well taken care of JUST LIKE YOU, and all their trying ties will GIVE to them JUST like they did to you.

** You get to love your body and feel sexy, sensual and WHOLE.

** You get to feel deeply connected to your source. You get to simply FLOAT knowing you are ALWAYS taken care of and everything that ever has and will happen ALWAYS gets to bring 100x to the table back to you… it’s ALWAYS FOR YOU.

** You get to have powerful friendships that bring VALUE to the table.

** You get to be seen all over the world and have your voice reverberate endlessly in time.

** You get to have the impact and experience with your audience and loved ones that you want to have.

** You get to be WILDLY, UNABASHEDLY HAPPY. Untethered. Unedited. Unfiltered. Unleashed.

And everything you need for this to be your experience of life is right here right now.
You do not have to wait.
You do not have to become someone else to have it… you simple CHOOSE and decide to be the highest level version of you NOW, this very instant and then you TAKE A HUGE BRAVE STEP.. and let whatever comes up come up…

You aren’t meant to know how it will all work out.
You aren’t meant to know what all the work will be.
You aren’t meant to know WHO you will be and what you will want and what you will feel when you are a multi millionaire with massive, global impact..

You are simply meant to DECIDE & take ONE step today.
and then the same tomorrow.
and the next day.
and the next day.

Your work NOW is to be obedient to soul NOW… so that the work today is done and you can do the work meant for tomorrow, tomorrow.


What is your brave action today.
A decision is only a decision when YOU HAVE BACKED IT WITH ACTION.

Otherwise it’s a fleeting emotion.
We don’t change the world with fleeting emotions.
We change it with massive, imperfect, brave, daily action.

Love you
Mandy xx