THE REAL ME ??? - Mandy Perry
I start and stop 50 books – I used to have a rule that you couldn’t start a new book until the last one was finished. (Now I am free to meander where to where my soul gets excited)
I have 20 journals going all with different topics that I keep going.
I read old power literature that fries my brain, romance poetry, woo cards, Forbes (don’t understand half of it), and the latest Oprah recommendations.
I have 20 programs created that I will probably never run but lead me to the one that I want to scream from the mountain tops about.
I have a marker board that is always in strange inconvenient places and my kids are just use to it now. I work from wherever I feel most inspired that day lol.
Flowers. Always tons of flowers. Have never been with a man who got me flowers often so I learned to fill that role myself and I make up for ALL the years I didn’t get them. ??
Human charger- for mornings I feel tired. Every little bit helps.
Crystals- my latest is smoky quartz. I have been obsessed with them since I was a little girl. My mama used to buy me books to study them and let me pick them out of the big bins at the mall every once and a while (Dale)
Boss noise canceling headphones because…. FLORIDA. Freekin landscapers 24/7 lol
And a pile of magazines I should buy clothes from- but never do because I HATE SHOPPING. It’s a real thing.
And big white sticky notes everywhere of the most important reminders.
Pray for joy and happiness for my kids & family.
Call in huge breakthrough for my clients.
Look for the gifts God gives today.
Business results
Life up-levels
Epic humans to encounter
Etc etc etc
Posted all over my life… because I get to have an environment that contributes to me thriving.
I used to be ashamed of my mess and my eccentric ways.
I used to try to be buttoned up like an IG post.
I used to feel immature for this beautiful disaster.
Now I just feel free.
Really truly free.
Excellence is NOT NORMAL.
It requires liberation from the normal.
It requires full self acceptance.
It requires the courage to be who you feel called to be.
No one is holding you back but you ?❤️?
Love you
Mandy xx
PS: Ultimate FREEDOM is HERE!!
8 weeks of shedding every single limiting thing that has been holding you back from launching to the stratosphere.
I am going to teach you how to USE the messiness, the flaws, the pain, and ALSO the fun and exciting to launch your leadership to the next level and ALWAYS be on fire in your business.
We are going to take what is predictable and toss it in the can.. and start living out of what is POSSIBLE for you and your life.
You are going to leave with the skills to carry a TON of tension… while feeling none of the weight.
You do not need to be smarter, more disciplined or more experienced… you simply get to own your next level leadership, and learn the skills to market with LOVE.
We are going to REVEAL the leadership in the area of influence you are in NOW… and as we do the bigger your area of influence will expand.
This is about unleashing your torrent of brilliance, DRIVING change in the world, showing true excellence, and LEADING.
When you lead YOU,
they will join.
This is about doing GREAT work NOW… and lifting up every person in your tribe that you get to serve.
Free from any barriers and limitation.
Full blown world impact.
Financial overflow.
TIME & location independence.
and your legacy.
No time needs to pass.
You aren’t broken, do not need to be fixed.
You aren’t screwed up.
You do not need more training.
You do not need fancy back end crap tp have freedom.
You do not need to ease off the gas pedal to have overflow.
You are ready NOW.. and the only thing that has been stopping you from launching to the next level is the story that you aren’t ready.
People are suffering.. it’s time for us to put our doubts aside and OWN OUR ROLE.
Life is rigged for the bold, and excellence is abnormal.
You don’t have to know how it will all work out.. EVERY single one of my clients who has done this work has had life transforming results and freedom… and it all began with deciding to BACK themselves and say YES when soul said “THIS WAY.”
That way sister… this way.
Love you