Say it with me…

It’s absurd to think I would ever not show up.
It’s a silly thing to dream I would ever quit.

Money is simply a resource always available to me and I easily release any worry about it.. I easily release the little fleeting feelings. They simply pass.

It’s so easy to see how time is always on my side.. how it’s all just working for me… and when the little notion comes that I may be behind I chuckle and let it go.

I have a clarity that I always make the right decisions. There is just no way to screw it up.. and if I ever felt for a moment like I did it wrong and screwed it up.. I just exhale it away… and it evaporates into the Universe that is holding me so lovingly.

Sometimes as I show up so powerfully in life.. there is this little voice saying.. “Who do you think you are?” and I give it a wink and respond… “I am permission. I am the one who creates this level of thriving in the world.” … and I sense that the question has been answered fully.

And as I am decisive and clear on my purpose and backing myself day to day.. there is this little noise that I notice every now and again that sounds like.. confusion. It’s so small and fleeting and I simply close my eyes and feel the clarity and step.. and as I step I feel it fall away.

I know who I am.
I know why I am here.
I know what my work is.
I speak my truth powerfully.
I make incredible income doing what I love.
I impact lives all over the world..

And this is simply an extension of who I am.

Those around me can feel and sense the joy, the power, and the freedom in my aura.

The legacy I leave is one of pure and utter acceptance.
Resistance free living.

and an experience of permission.

The rest is silly.
It’s so little and so insignificant.

YOU have always had everything that you need to live to your true potential.

and today we release the very little noises saying anything other than this.

Today we embrace truth.

love you
Mandy xx

PS: REFOCUS is here!!

4 weeks of NO BS, life changing refocus on making money in your business… designed to give you your dream life.


** This is a moment in your life where everything will change.

** This is a moment for you to stop lying to yourself about the level to which you are truly backing up your genius.

** This is the decision that CHANGED EVERYTHING… because you were brave enough to tell the truth about what you deeply desire.

** This is the moment you stopped stratling that line, and put both feet in.

** This is the moment where you look back in your growth and say.. this is when my business skyrocketed.

I will tell you transparently… I am running this program because I need it to get to my own next level.

I’ve done this many times and have never taken people through the journey with me.

We will have temper tantrums.
We will cry.
We will fall on our face…

and we will RISE.
We will conquer.
We will crush our goals… beyond what we ever thought we were capable of..

We will feel the overwhelming sense of accomplishment at having shifted into the new level version we have envisioned for ourself for so long.

Sometimes it takes a new level of telling the truth and then a whole lot of GRIT to get back on the path we were intended to be on to change the world… or to FORGE the new one we have never yet had the courage to brave.

I am an expert at this… it is how I have had such rapid success. This is a process that , up until now, I have done in private, with coaches I have hired myself and I have gotten amazing results from. I call it my 911 plan.


It’s harder than you think emotionally, and easier than you think physically.

It takes WAY less time than you think to get all the result.
It takes WAY less discipline than you imagine..
and it take a whole lot of vulnerability and bravery..

But if you are willing to take a chance and back yourself… you are going to feel a power you have never felt before.. and you will want to teach this to every human you meet.

And really .. if we are truth telling.. this isn’t a risk.
It’s the exact opposite.

The risk is waking up each day – doing nothing different and expecting wildly new results.

That is childish.
That is not how we create massive results, but you already knew that.

So if you have been feeling held back, off track, distracted, confused or like you are playing small… this is for you.

I am in this with you every single step of the way.
This is a powerful process that will get your refocused and powerfully backing your dreams.

We will have weekly trainings but this will be a DAILY group.

Each week I will do a live training (everything is recorded and kept in your membership area)

Every day we will be checking in and being 100% accountable for our decisions, focus and results.


THIS IS A GROUP FOR accountability, growth, and RESULTS.

I am launching this NOW and we begin in only a few days because this is MY process I am doing and opening up to the public for the first time ever.

Begins Monday May 27!!