And it blew me away how fast it all changed.
This is the power of focus.

The first thing I set my intention for was to create a STRONG sisterhood where my tribe felt safe to share.. they felt they belonged and they felt connected.. to me and to each other.

The second was to show up deeper for the current clients I had in my programs. I wanted to truly get to know them and do life close with them.

The third was to increase my social presence and engagement. I knew if I increased engagement more people would get the value and their lives would change.

In the last 8 weeks this has changed dramatically… and I am just watching how fast my business expands…

Most of the time people want to know HOW to do this.. and I always give how to in every program I run… but hear me when I say this…


The reason we don’t focus on what we want is because we are afraid of being disappointed.

❤️ We have slipped into a state of JUST TRYING TO GET BY… rather than a state of let’s see what we are made of ❤️

But the only way you will ever see what you are made of is to BEGIN.
We MUST create a need.. the Universe is not wasteful.


You want TIME freedom and wealth overflow?

You create a need.

You decide that you want it to be different. Take the brave action that says to the Universe…. I’M DEADLY SERIOUS.. I’M READY.. LET’S DO THIS, and you will see the power of FOCUS rearrange your entire life to transform it to what you envision when you leap.

The financial and time conditions you find yourself in are a direct reflection of your predominant FOCUS up until now.

It required bravery.
It requires FEELING…

Yes, it feels like pressure.. it feels like tension when you are brave enough to go for your dreams… but this is what feeling alive feels like.

You can handle the tension of an exciting life… I promise.
You can handle the pressure of being wildly successful.. I promise.

The work is to take the brave action that creates the tension.. then learn to reset what that tension registers as. ??

Does it register as ANXIETY (i.e. your focus is on what if…)
Or does it register as excitement (i.e. I’m really doing this and I am closer than ever to my dream life!)

YOU have all the power you need to create massive impact, freedom & wealth.

If you are waiting for it to feel right, for proof, or for someone to rescue you… you are ON PAUSE.

The power of focus will change THOUSANDS of lives.
Beginning with yours.

Love you
Mandy xx


PS: REFOCUS is open
We begin MONDAY

Radical results NOW.
This is a powerful 4 week group where we will reset ourselves to be focused on what we REALLY WANT.

Income generation

Your soul has been prompting you over and over… and you have ignored things over and over. As we all do.

– You have been denying what you truly want.

– You have been doubting that you can have what’s available for you.

– You have not leaped when soul says NOW!

– You have not exhaled and turned away when soul said NO.

– You have not released what creatively came to you

– You did not speak the truth you felt called to speak.

– You did not call them to more and make the sale when you felt to

– You did not say NO when soul said – that’s too much.

Today is a moment to create the need. To say.. OK Universe.. I’m serious about this now.

❤️❤️ I’m ready now ❤️❤️

And we calibrate to the success energy of true freedom & wealth.

WE REFOCUS on our dream life.
REFOCUS on what truly matters
REFOCUS on generating
REFOCUS on changing the world