How I made $84k in one day… ? - Mandy Perry

There have been so many times in my business that I have been under a lot of pressure… tempted to think about WHAT IF…. and scare the crap out of myself.

I.. alike you…always have the option to do that.

And the times I have.. I made less and less money.. and looked less and less vibrant.. and felt less and less happy.

But.. that same pressure.. the exact same conditions or circumstances .. used very different produce wildly different results.

I am going to tell you some wildly blunt stuff right now.. and you will avoid hearing it or you will look it dead in the eye.

EVERY TIME I have made epic income… it followed a big investment in myself that caused pressure on me to CHOOSE to show up differently.

I made $84k in one day because I was under the gun to produce.. and I saw the pressure to produce as FOR ME.. a gift I was ready to handle that caused massive growth.

It’s actually this simple.

I then took DIFFERENT actions than I would have previous to investing in and creating a need for myself.

??I was forced to REFOCUS.
??I was forced to utilize the support I had.
??I was forced to use my time wisely.
??I was forced to be brave.
??I was forced to show up.
??I was forced to create necessary boundaries & have tough conversations.
??I was forced to face my fears and self disbelief.

We wonder why so few ever make it to the top of there field… and this is why.

There is nothing more important than the ability to be under the gun and ** dismiss the intense emotions about it** and show up without attachment to the outcome.

I AM A BOSS AT THIS, and that feels really amazing.

I am not perfect, I stumble every now and again… I get annoyed that it’s happening again here and there… but my results come because I ROCK THIS.

?? I see the circumstance.
?? Look it in the eye.
??Tell myself the truth.
??Feel the emotions & release them
??Take the brave bold action anyways
??Feel the pressure & let it strengthen me
??Get into a state of expansion and let the creative juices flow
??Step into decisiveness and BACK MYSELF UP. Massively.

This is how I created an $84k day.

Very few will ever follow suit… but IT IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU should you choose it.

A VIP is someone who chooses it.
You want the results, OPT IN. ❤️?

love you
Mandy xx




We live in a culture of consistent distraction and interruption…

Competing priorities and intentions,

And we work so hard to build discipline to show up and be the person we feel called to be.. only to fall short so often..

Then we wonder why we cant seem to get ourselves to just do what we know we need to do.

Often we think we are messed up..
We are lazy or just don’t have willpower
We blame circumstances.

If I wan’t stressed about money.. if the kids weren’t cray.. if my husband wasn’t driving me crazy.

If my parents didn’t need me, if someone would just show me what to do…

But that’s NOT what is happening.
This is not a circumstantial or environments problem.

This is a FOCUS problem.
It’s a bad habit that has gained momentum.. and it’s PAINFUL.

I’m glad you are here.
We are going to reverse this now.


– You know you are half ass-ing important things.

– You create amazing results in your life but you know you are capable of more.

– You are racing through life being a badass but you feel the burn of not showing up intentionally for the most important things- Family, clients, your genius, and creation of creative content.

– You feel pulled in different directions for priorities and struggle to find the time to slow down and do things that matter with intentionality.

– You have a feeling that old family stories, cultural norms, and handed down rules are raging under the water .. holding you back .

– You find yourself in a state of anxiety, fear, confusion more than you’d like… ESPECIALLY when you go to make power moves or up level in your life.

– You feel called to make a real difference in your family and the world… it weighs on you and you are ready to shake the things holding you back from this.

Week 1
SHOWING UP FOR WHAT MATTERS – and never be distracted away from them again.

The number one pain of a human being??
Regret for not showing up for the priorities in your life.
Regret for not going for your dreams.

We are going to get really clear what your priorities are.

I am going to take you through a process so that you can clearly identify what has been competing with your priorities and remove every single block in your way of showing up for them.

* There are stories from your past in the way.

* Societal standards for the average people in your way.

* The fact that you haven’t given such a vital skill the attention it deserve is standing in your way.

* The story that you should just be able to do this yourself is in your way. (Only 1% of the population actually does this.. trust me.. surrounded by all the people NOT doing it, you are not magically going to start doing this with excellence on your own)

* FEAR is in your way. Which leads us to week 2..

Week 2
How to process FEAR, anxiety & confusion.. and be able to handle the pressure gracefully as the true powerful woman you are called to be.

Yes- you already handle a lot, but now it’s time that you process the emotions FAST and easily so that you can come back to A STATE OF CLEAR MIND & CLEAN ENERGY and being the decisive boss you are born to be.

This is when you will see your real genius shine though. As you clear the fog, strengthen yourself to the woman who can take a hit and truly release it (rather than bear it) you will find a true clarity and strength in you you have never known.

You will let your TRUE BRILLIANCE OUT… finally.

You will easily show up for yourself, your loved ones and your business as the woman of integrity you are.

When you are in a state of fear, chaos or anxiety… you are in a state of contraction.

In contraction you shut down the creative part of your brain… and you cannot CREATE OR RECEIVE.. two of the most powerful skills needed for massive success.


This week you are going to clearly see why you haven’t been showing up as the next level version of you that you want to show up as just yet.

This is about showing up for the people you love and lead… and BEING the woman of INTEGRITY on the back end that you know you are called to be… so that you TRUST YOURSELF.

When you trust yourself you will BACK yourself, and your dreams.

You will take challenging circumstances and EXPAND powerfully through them, where others flounder and get stuck.. and as you calibrate to this, you become the woman who can lead them through.

You will create a powerful experience for everyone around you as you are focused and intentional about how you do life.

Powerful programs.
Powerful results.
Powerful LOVE
Powerful encouragement.

This is the art of making people feel loved and leaving a legacy of healing on the planet.

We will go through a journey of feeling the resistance to growth, surrendering to what is… and INTENTIONALLY allowing ourselves to mature and BECOME the woman it took to create our dream life.

You will naturally release the things that never mattered this week.


This week we will learn the art of flying.
This isn’t the average take off of the person who is not focused, unintentional and getting their ass kicked by the pressure…..

This is where you will experience the resistance free MOMENT OF LAUNCH.

You will have taken massive action to back yourself the whole month, but this week we shoot for the stars, and we feel the newly found power of


You have never been this strong, smart and savvy before and we are just taking this through the stratospheres this week.

This week we are brave warriors truly going ALL THE WAY.

You will have a confidence you have rarely felt that PROPELS you to show up for yourself and your people.

This is the true queen energy.

The work is the work.
It takes what it takes.

This is a program for the people who are willing to let the tough things SEASON and strengthen you.. as you are called to your power… vs letting them knock you down, confused and drain you.

This is a daily journey to calibrate to the next level REFOCUSED, intentional, powerful human you are called to.

ONE day of this level of focus will change the world… we have a MONTH.

I cannot want to get to know you more and witness your expansion.

You ready?!
Message me if you want the link to join ❤️?