There’s a part of you that has never felt like you could comply to the mold, the rules, the standards around you.

You tried:
To be quieter…
To be less..
To do it right…
To be ENOUGH of all the things they cared about.

But it was suffocating you.

and in those moments you were incredibly brave..

In that moment you chose to hear that small voice inside over all the noise.

How incredibly easy it would have been to let all the noise drown it out and justify never listening..

but not you.

You latched on to the whisper… you latched onto it even as your lungs burned with the lack of oxygen around you..

You could have raced to the surface, where we give ourselves a break and ease back…. gushed in all the air… told yourself:

No one can do that.
It’s too hard.
This is too much..
I can’t.
I don’t have what it takes to take this all the way.

And everyone there on the surface who told themselves the same lie would believe you and console you…


You sat there in the deep dark waters, lungs burning, noise blasting from the surface…. and tuned back in to the whisper.

***** You knew…. this is where it all changes.
This is where others fall back.******

This is how it happens…. right here in these moments..

– When your child is driving you crazy and you want to yell…

– When the bank account numbers feel like an elephant on your chest…

– When you see parts of yourself you feel shame about and want to retreat…

– When someone criticizes you…

– When someone is crossing a boundary and you are terrified to speak up…

– When the hot guy that just doesn’t feel right wants more…

– When the wine is calling you because “you need a break”

– When people are saying this isn’t possible.

****** You knew…. this is where it all changes.
This is where others fall back.******

– When your course is launched and no one joins

– When you show up every single day for FB lives and 3 months later its still birds chirping

– When you haven’t shown up the way you promised yourself you would and you want to back out of your commitment to a program or coach to ease the burden…

– When you worked out for a month and everything is screaming it’s fine to take this week off.

– When you don’t look your best and you don’t want to be seen because you feel fat and ugly…

– When it’s time to be naked for the first time with a new love after a divorce…

****** You knew…. this is where it all changes.
This is where others fall back.******

– When you sit down to blog and the voice screams… “I have nothing of value to say”…

– When it seems like the more you try the harder it all gets and you just CAN’t get yourself to focus

– WHEN EVEN the things you have done well for a long time are not ALL OF A SUDDEN HARD again…

You just want to ease the pressure off…
You just want to hide…
You just want to tell people how hard and confusing it all is.

But you knew…. this is where it all changes.
This is where others fall back…

and you held your breath just a bit more… as you rose to your feet…

You closed your eyes and you remembered yourself. You remembered the life you KNOW you are called to.

YOU BRAVELY dared to choose your DREAM … AGAIN… for the 1000th time…

Lungs on FIRE…
Leggs shaky…
Brain wanting what’s familiar…
Body wanting to shoot for the surface to SURVIVE…


To create a life so incredible the whole of your parts can barely contain..

and you???
You locked into soul.

Mornings of sunshine, coffee and soul let messages gifted to the world… UNLOCKING every genius in your DNA.

Time and energy for true connection with your loved ones.

Frolicking the planet, traveling and meeting people of all kinds.. creating memories that future generations will tell the story of.

TIME to do what you LOVE.
Money to create FREEDOM & IMPACT.

and most importantly…. INTEGRITY.
Having led yourself.

Having GONE FIRST.. so that your kids, your family, your friends, your clients all have a leader that have forged the path already.

You backed yourself when you wondered HOW it would ever work out.
YOU chose to feel the burn and stay.

You were the one who PUT yourself in the ARENA where you were required to grow.

You are so brave.
You are so incredible.
Rewards are coming.

Stay steadfast sister.


love you
Mandy xx

1. Get clear on what your priorities are and clear all blocks to allowing them to be your true priorities.

2. Process and remove the emotions. HANDLE INCREDIBLE pressure and emotions work grace and ease.

3. Finally trust yourself to the level where you feel safe to back your dreams FULLY.

4. Moment of launch. Massive bold aligned action- and 10x ing your dreams.

This is how you feel the burn, the temptations and stay in the game… and become the woman who EXPANDS RAPIDLY in the tough circumstances.. where others fall back.

If you feel called- let me know and I will send the private link ?❤️

It’s time. ❤️