Hey... What's wrong beautiful?  - Mandy Perry

What’s wrong?…..

What is it that has got you feeling down?

I know this feels hard right now… so hard…
It hurts.. it’s scary… it feels like it’s been long enough..

I hear you. I see you.

Tell me how you feel….

Tell me the one word that is how you feel….

Where are you feeling that in your body?
It’s ok that you feel that… of course you feel that.

It makes sense you feel that.
It’s ok to feel it.
It’s safe to feel it all.

Go ahead and just let it expand…. you are safe.
There is no where else to be… nothing can hurt you.

You are so incredible.
I am so proud of you. There is just no one like you.

You have been through so much and you have really become something amazing. It’s an honor to do life with you.

You inspire me every single day.

It’s ok to cry.
It’s ok to feel anger.
It’s ok you were messy.
It’s ok you didn’t do your best.
It’s ok you didn’t keep your word to yourself.
It’s ok.

You are safe to feel it.

and you know what?

Right on the other side of this is all of the joy again.
All the the happiness and satisfaction is.
It’s were all the momentum and action you long to show up in is.
It’s where your BRAVE lies.

It’s ok to let this go now.
Send it love
send it light
let it go

enjoy the rewards.

You’re really just quite the incredible human.

❤️ This is how powerful women speak to themselves ❤️?

Love you
mandy xx

Now we will commence to jumping on my beds together – The nominal hotel fee is totally worth it