Day 4/21 #21dayevolution - Mandy Perry

Even the people who love us most in this world cannot make us feel VALIDATED & LOVED the way we need.

Let alone people who just like you lol..

You will not feel validated until you are BEING and showing up as the woman who is in integrity with her dreams.

You will not feel loved until you do the INNER WORK to keep your own word to yourself as though you are valuable and worthy of love.

Let them off the hook…this is OUR work.

love you
mandy xx

The Alpha Evolution eeeeekkkkkk!!!!!

A 21 day journey of finding the UNEXPECTED STRENGTH to lead your people, be the woman you feel called to be, and live in true joy and abundance.

Details coming soon!!!

Day 3 review ?

– Bailey’s bedroom decor arrived – unpacked all of that

– Missing kids today- sent them love and protection and got back to it. (I do the work so they don’t have to. My energy contaminates them or strengthens the.)

– Ordered piano for piano lessons!
– Had internet people fix internet

– House assistant did detailed cleaning – house is literally as cleaned out and spotless as 5-star hotel.

– Finally figured out why my pool deck and garage have so much dirt on them… the landscapers blowers machines were blowing dirt on them.. corrected that.

– Lots of emotional work again today.. releasing. Releasing what doesn’t work. Telling a deeper truth. Having temper-tantrums while I released what wasn’t a match for WHERE I AM GOING. Cried, screamed, punched my pillows… laughed like a mad woman. Could feel the strength rising inside. SO GOODDDDD.

– Sent encouragement to a few people on my heart
– CREATED my next program – it’s absolute ? ???

– Really called myself back to the core of who I am.. the woman goes well past normal set standards and crosses the finish line ON NOTHING BUT WILL & HEART. “It’s all heart from here…” IT FEELS LIKE COMING HOME.

– Ordered new filters for all the water systems
– Ordered all new glassware and plates

– Spent time with God… basking in the feeling of being protected. Admitted I want to feel PROTECTED… and then let myself have that. Heard clearly… HEALING COMES THROUGH THE BRAVE TEARS & THE TRIALS ARE MERCIES YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND YET, BUT YOU WILL & it will all be worth it. (bawling lol)

– Found a new bar with live music and beautiful views to work from! (White marble counter top… this matters for sure lol)

– Got really clear on 2 things I know are required for any man I’d be with…

1. He must be able to be vulnerable and share his feelings… It’s a particular way though.. it’s very powerful and masculine. He can handle the situation.. doesn’t get all crazy emotional but doesn’t shut down and get all brain fog.. he simply shares how it makes him feel. THIS IS A MUST FOR ME. I notice foreign men are fantastic at this! American men are taught feelings are weak… ugh – this needs healing in our country. In our country, a man who can express his feelings from a place of strength is rare indeed and would require more strength than it takes in other cultures… but I require this.
2. He must be a man who contributes to me healing the world. (Great boundaries, celebrates my successes, communicates with me easily, wont tolerate my shit lol, shares openly, and takes the lead ?

– I admitted to myself that I am not, and never will be, the casual sex kind of girl. *shucks* Sounds all so fun in my head hahahahahahaha NOPE. Grrrr. This forced me to do deeper work to be open to a new serious relationship.

– HAD A BEER! lol… I never have beer. Stella Artois. So damn good.

– Said no to the men and went to sleep early, slept like a baby.

– Followed through on my word to myself on the new commitments – woke up feeling clear and strong.